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About the Author:

Jennifer was born in Dublin in Ireland and was educated at University College Dublin. She honed both her ability to write, and her love of writing, in UCD while studying Spanish, which was one half of her International Commerce degree. She went on to Business School in Dublin and moved to London after graduating, and life has never been quite the same for her since. When she is not writing she works with individuals and blue-chip clients to help them navigate and master change. She spent ten lovely years living in Clapham and now lives in Notting Hill in West London.

About the author, in her own words:

I write contemporary fiction and try to capture the essence of a place and time in my books. Above all, my aim is to make you laugh, and hopefully learn a little, as you recognize yourself, your friends and your exes in my books. Writing is like breathing for me, I can’t not do it. My first book One?, is the first book in a trilogy about life, love and London.  When I’m not writing I work with individuals and blue chip clients to help them to navigate and master change. I love hearing from my readers, and you can contact me via my website, or @JLCAuthor on Twitter.

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