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Alt-"minerva hart author spotlight"Minerva Hart was born in Rome, Italy, and spent the first eighteen years of her life living in Italy, America, and Israel. Currently, she lives in Rome with her husband, while also finding time to visit America a couple of times a year to visit her in-laws and their friends. She is a confirmed bibliophile, having learned to read at age three and reading voraciously ever since. Some of her favorite books ever are The Little PrinceThe Book of Lost Things, and The Travelling Cat Chronicles.

She decided to become an author at age fifteen, and has been writing at least a book a year since then. She went to John Cabot University in Rome and graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. While she has written around eight novels since the age of fifteen, Primal Instinct was the first she considered worthy of publication – even more so once she found a freelance editor to help her perfect it. The novel has since won first place in the ABR Book Excellence Award for best science fiction and urban fantasy. Her second novel, The Deadlands, won first place in the ABR Book Excellence Award for dystopian fiction.

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An excerpt from a review by ‘T. Bell’ on Amazon for The Deadlands: Although the virus turns everyone into terrifying monsters and the world in which this novel takes place is obsessed with blood and violence, there is still hope and a love story is present in the action.

Alt="minerva hart book reviewers"An excerpt from a review by Asher Syed (Reader’s Favorite) in regards to Primal Instinct: it’s a terrifying, beautiful, heartbreaking, and uplifting story with all the electricity of an Electrophorus. Or at least one with the same type of tail. Very highly recommended.


Primal Instinct by Minerva Hart – Read Artisan Book Reviews 5 Star Review
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