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Alt="david ross"David Ross – Award Winning Featured Author

David Ross works as a strategist and a peacemaker.

Founding boutique international strategic advisory firm Phoenix Strategic Management (https://phoenixstrategic.com.auduring the GFC. For close to 30 years, he has been helping leaders, organizations, and communities of all shapes and sizes thrive as they transcend the unthinkable in dealing with their most complex – and often polarizing – social, environmental, and economic opportunities, shocks, and crises. This has included guiding clients in some of the most challenging conversations experienced within society.

David Ross, influenced by those situations that few in society experience, he felt compelled to pen the thought-provoking Confronting the Storm .

A book observed by famed pioneering naturalist Jane Goodall as “fascinating”, David argues that traditional leadership wisdom is buckling and failing in response to the storm of social, environmental, and economic challenges that we now face. He explores the storm-defying alternatives: key skills and traits that are now crucial for regenerating lives, livelihoods and the planet, pointing the way to a more collaborative, innovating, successful future not only for leaders and their organizations, but also for communities and society, as a whole.

David Ross is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Institute for Managers and Leaders.

His commitment to supporting leadership and organizations in response to our global opportunities and challenges resulted in him being presented with the Professor Wanbil Lee Prize for Ethical Leadership in Business from UNSW (Australia).

He can be found through: His Website  LinkedIn @David Ross-VUCA ; Twitter @David_G_Ross; and Instagram at @confrontingthestormbook


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Read what leaders are already saying about Confronting the Storm

“A must-read and a powerful argument for all leaders to drive a regenerative transformation. Confronting the Storm takes you on a journey of discovery. From the storm we are experiencing, the planetary boundaries we are breaching and the wicked problems this is causing, to the pathways through the storm and the wise, courageous, relational, collaborate and creative leadership it will take. In reconnecting to the living world, pivoting from the old and shaping the new, I believe we must reimagine just about everything and turn the journey into the adventure of our lifetime. Confronting the Storm might just be the guide we need.”
– Eva Karlsson, CEO, Houdini Sportswear, Sweden


“In Confronting the Storm, David passionately argues for a shift from legacy thinking that currently struggles with emerging challenges, to a regenerative and collaborative mindset. Humanity is at a fork in the road. New, creative and flexible leadership is crucial. This book is essential reading for all leaders who want to successfully navigate this unprecedented storm we are all facing.”
– David Houle is a 5-time TED speaker, futurist, and author of several books including ‘The 2020s: the Most Disruptive Decade in History’


“David Ross makes a compelling case for leaders across all sectors to turn and confront the storm. In fact, as a coach who spends much of their time with C-suite leaders, I would suggest Confronting the Storm is a mission critical read for you, your organization, and the planet. Eye opening in the extreme.“
– Cliff Kimber, Executive Coach, The Evolution Partnership Ltd, England.