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Alt="Robert Tucker - Featured Author"Robert Tucker – Multi-Award Winning Novelist

Author of many novels and a retired business and management consultant in a wide range of industries throughout the country, Robert Tucker resides with his wife in Southern California.

He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles with Bachelor’s and Master Degrees.

A Pulitzer nominated author, he is also a recipient of the Samuel Goldwyn and Donald Davis Literary Awards.

An affinity for family and generations pervade his novels. His works are literary and genre fiction that address the nature and importance of personal integrity.

“As the grandson of immigrants who fled persecution in Germany and Austria-Hungary and came to America during the early 1900’s, the early history of our country and the rise of the middle-class have always held a fascination for me.  The dramatic depiction of fictional characters placed in actual events sharply and realistically bring alive the harsh times and adversity of the multitude of people who sought freedom and a better way of life and demonstrate that only a little over one-hundred years have passed to bring us to where we are as a struggling society today.”

“The chronology and events of history have captured and held my interest for many reasons, among them being stories that entertain, educate, and inform. Learning about the lives of my immigrant grandparents coming to America from Czechoslovakia during the early 1900s and the lives of my parents during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s provided the initial motivation. Researching and writing historical fiction is a way to learn more about myself and my origins and the social, political, and economic influences related to my generation.”

“Whether writing historical fiction or non-fiction or fantasy, I’m drawn into the societies and cultures of a particular period that inspire the creation of characters who bring that era to life. Not only do I experience this dynamic in books, but in films, plays, dance, music, and other art forms.”

“Researching history takes me into the exploration of new territory perhaps outside of my own life experience through reading other sources, interviews, travel, and films. Although a number of fine books are written from personal experience by authors who lived through those times, much of the historical writing by contemporary authors is dependent on secondary sources. Forays into the past for story material is a rewarding part of the creative process.”

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The Discontent of Mary Wenger (Paper Dolls, Book 1)
An extraordinary epic tale of one woman and the struggles she faces living through some of the greatest changes in the history of the Twentieth Century
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Coming April 25th 2023
Paper Dolls (Book 2)

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The Revolutionist
First place – Award winning engrossing historical fiction.
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Burton Blake

Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction – An Epic Story Spanning Generations
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A Season of Sons (Black Spiral, Book 1)
Fascainting Urban Fantasy – Audiobook of the Year
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Manifestation (Black Spiral, Book 2)
Robert Tucker delves into complex themes while masterfully melding fantasy with the real world.
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The Gotten
The Gotten’s special blend of intrigue, fantasy, mythology, and evolving relationships between children and adults places it in a category of its own.

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A teenage girl fights prejudice in a Southern mill town in the 1960s. Award winning novel. 

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American Landscape
A sweeping generational saga of loyalty and betrayal in the 1930s – Award winner.

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A Good Boy 
A young man’s journey to become a worthy human being

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Chance of A Lifetime
A gold hunt that taps into the heart of a contemporary American family which reluctantly forsakes a comfortable suburban existence for life in a mountain wilderness.
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Robert Tucker – Multi-Award Winning Author

Burton Blake Nominated for The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

A Season of Sons (Black Spiral, Book 1) Audiobook of The Year

The Revolutionist-  Artisan Book Reviews Award for Excellence

American Landscape-  Artisan Book Reviews Award for Excellence

ByronArtisan Book Reviews Award for Excellence

Samuel Goldwyn Literary Award

Donald Davis Literary Award

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The Revolutionist

Burton Blake

A Season of Sons




The Discontent of Mary Wenger