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Book Promotion & Marketing – Artisan Book Reviews – Since 2008

We provide a wide range of professional, expert and highly effective services to achieve everyone’s goal of selling a truck load of  books. In order to achieve this goal, we write compelling, exciting and positive book reviews. We use tried and proven effective book marketing strategies that we work across the literary community, along with many social and digital media services – all to a limited number of highly selective clientele-authors, as well as select publishers, literary agents and publicists. We specialize in personalized genre targeted marketing campaigns and customized strategies for each client. We work hard and smart for the best possible outcome of numerous ongoing book sales and complete author and book success. That is our goal, and we will work continuously, going the extra mile in order to achieve our goals and success for our authors and clients.

Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion is a multi-award winning literary site and expert team that will professionally review your book to make it shine and stand out from the rest.

We are out to help to gain your book a huge amount of online book exposure, author visibility and multiply your readership base which results in numerous book sales.

ABR was established in 2008. We employ experts who are dedicated to helping authors gain an extra-large amount of exposure and book sales for their books/novels across the readers, literary, book and author news communities’ websites.

Our reach is extremely large. We have exclusive access to and are contributing writers for many popular literary websites. We are book marketing partners and collaborators with several prominent book and top literary websites. They market our authors books and novels within such popular lifestyle magazines, literary websites, and popular entertainment book news and magazine websites and throughout the social media arena.

All for permanent increased book sales and author/book visibility.

We write professional compelling book reviews to help run successful comprehensive book marketing campaigns that get incredible surprising results in increased book sales now and that continue on.

Read our amazing author testimonials. to learn just how much success we bring to our authors and their books.

Then, submit your book for approval and we will get back to you with our marketing methods, strategies, and affordable plans. We do have a rather strict approval process, but if you believe in yourself, your writing and storytelling ability and your book or novel, please take a chance on yourself and feel free to contact us. We may just love what we read an see in your book.

Our passion is and always has been to help authors to get their stories, ideas and books into readers hands. Why? Simply because we love books and the reading experience and we realize that it all starts within the imagination, through experiences and in the thoughts of the authors minds. So we are out to help to gain your book a huge amount of online book exposure, author visibility and multiply your readership base.

With our built-in marketing technology our authors experience a high rate of overall success !

Excellent book reviews are vital to an author’s success. They play a strong role in their overall marketing and book sales success. Use our review for all of your marketing avenues, including your Amazon editorial reviews, your website, in your newsletters, on your book cover and for all of  your online marketing strategies and platforms. Visit our book review policy page.

We have multiple online connections, and linked sites, as well as, multiple social media accounts with thousands of followers in total. We promote our authors and their book within active reading groups, clubs, forums etc. on the leading websites and social media platforms.

We are respected writers and contributors to several of the most important and prominent book and reader websites, media and book news magazines online and that’s also where we will be featuring, sharing and marketing your book. 

Also, ABR sends out customized email campaign blasts to all our numerous email subscribers and avid readers. We will also create you your own permanent featured author page and advertise you and your books on our website. 

Our book marketing strategies are constantly evolving to stay up to the minute with the current technology shifts, new and better online marketing concepts, publishing changes, variations and new brilliant ideas.

Although we appreciate every author and book submission that comes in, and would love to help each and every author who contacts us, we must remain very selective and only qualify authors and their books that we believe have real potential and will do very well in today’s book market, while giving readers an extraordinary reading experience.

Read our author testimonials from some of the best authors, including USA Today and New York Times best selling authors.

Book promotion & marketing that will get your book into reader’s hands, and you’ll ultimately sell more books.

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Combining all of our extensive book promotion & marketing efforts, and the sites that we will market your book on, will add up to millions of followers and readers. Creating excitement and keen interest in your book(s). This often results in frequent and numerous book sales. All of the published marketing posts we do are “permanent,” giving them the capability of bringing in increasing book sales long after your marketing campaign has been completed.  With our built-in marketing technology our authors experience a high rate of overall success !

AUTHOR VISIBILITY – Expert positioning to key media outlets to give your book the high amount of exposure it absolutely needs to be successful.

The more sites your book is featured on, the more of a strong online presence you will have and the more books you will sell, we will do all of that hard work for you.


Plan #1. Book Review & Social Media Book Promotion Plus

Plan #2.  Extensive Author & Book Promotion & Marketing Campaign (marketing only without book review) 


Includes featuring your book/novel through paid book & author advertising, email marketing, paid social media marketing by influencers who have huge accounts with thosuands and thousands of followers who are readers.

At Artisan Book Reviews, we’ve worked with thousands of authors—from brand new first time authors and self-published authors to traditionally published authors to USA Today and New York Times best sellers.

We’ve helped authors:

  • Increase the online exposure of their books/novels across the literary community and the exposure in the right places per genres and to the high amount and huge extent needed in order for their novel to be discovered by the numerous number of readers for complete success
  • Increase their book sales substantiouslly and continually
  • Gain positive five star reviews on the sites that matter the most
  • Become best sellers
  • Win prominent book excellence awards inlcuding the ABR Book Excellence Award.
  • Generate an email, list fo avid readers
  • Create an effective eye-catching author/writer platform with personality, intrigue and cause readers to want to learn about you and your writing and books.
  • Catch and keep the attention of book publishing industry professionals, screen writers and film producers which we have connections to and are able to make a genuine introduction
  • Receive distribution in various prominent book stores
  • Provide you with respected, talented and top book professionals for various resources for every aspect of an author’s book project.
  • Increase their book’s exposure and garner media attention

And much more! Contact us!

Submit your book for reviews and/or marketing and a chance to win the coveted Artisan Book Reviews  – ABR Book Excellence Award

Contact Us  For Full Details on Each of Our Powerful Book Review, Promotion & Marketing Campaigns/Plans. Learn More About Our Successful Top Notch, Up To Date Book & Author Marketing Strategies.

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Our plans can be combined to save money & customized to your needs. Please contact us to receive more information and the full details on each plan.

Finally, we do have many requests for reviews and marketing and a waiting list, so contact us immediately for more information on our marketing strategies and process. We will clearly answer any questions or special requests that you may have. We are here and are extremely motivated to help you with the success of your book(s).

Read what our authors are saying about Artisan Book Reviews author services. Read our author success stories here…

We also help with exposure for your author name and books, by use of our prominent partners literary websites and their author interviews for your that will be published on their various popular websites. This will help you get your name out there in the reading community, to accelerate your author platform, and build your author brand. You can expect approcimately 7 or 8 permanent author interviews posted online on high traffice book and reader webostel.

We have many resources available to help authors with every aspect of their book projects.

Contact us today to be added to our  list of featured authors, exemplary writers and incredible storytellers.

  • In recent years, book marketing and promotion has undergone a massive change. The online advertising and marketing companies have come up with new more effective and targeted digital techniques, this includes the areas of social media and many other various mediums which most authors, writers and those promoting their products don’t have knowledge of. However, we do. We keep up with the latest techeniques, online methods, strategies and connections with book and readers collaborators and everything in bewteen, while still retaining the basics that remain the same and still work very effectively.  While we are experts at getting our authors books and novels seen, discovered and bought,  we keep our book marketing engaging, informative, and entertaining for the readers, easily selling them and copelling them to click and buy.

We have a large list of other services we can recommend and can steer you in the direction to the very best, most professional and affordable book industry professionals for anything you might need for your book project. We are knowledgable in every area and can help, so please reach out to us if you need help or are currently stuck.






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