Hajogana by Jian Fong Samuel Yaw

Hajogana by Jian Fong Samuel Yaw
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When Hâjogana was young, he aspired to be a governor of one of the colonies of the Konjor Supercorporation, making a difference in a vicious Galaxy with his benevolence.
As he grew up, he was given over to the Gaantegeu army in exchange for several prisoners. As one of the officers of one of the Galaxy’s greatest armies, he fought so well that he became one of its best fighter aces, renowned throughout the Galaxy’s realms. But out of a sudden, he was transferred back into his Supercorporation: firstly under the tenure of a vicious entrepreneur, and then under the direct authority of the sadistic governor Vannikon.
The Supercorporation has left him at the fleeting mercy of his tests and his abusive superiors. If he overcomes them, he will become the next Governor; but if he loses, he might face a cruel and excruciating death. Will he pass his coming tests and make it out alive?

Book review:

A selfless ruler’s goal of changing a savage, dystopian galaxy pins him against barbaric leaders in Jian Fong Samuel Yaw’s science fiction adventure, Hajogana.

Unlike other Imdegab nobles, Hajogana and his younger brother are subjected to strict training to equip them with survival and fighting skills. Hajogana dreams of using his authority to empower the people in contrast to other Konjor lords. Given as ransom for the return of captured commanders in a clash between the Konjors and a foreign community, Hajogana proves himself in battle but is repatriated to continue his duty with the Konjors.

In a complex galaxy involving different rulers, political groups, and diverse peoples including humanoids and clones, Hajogana’s pursuit gives the novel direction. After his repatriation, he is sent to a disreputable resort set in a desert. While there, he serves under a ruthless businessman. Later, he is sent to Luril, an impoverished region under a brutal, authoritarian leader. Blood-chilling scenes involving death, cannibalism, subjugation, the cruelty of rulers against their followers, and bloody fights between communities create a compelling depiction of the horrific state of the galaxy. Even with its fantasy elements, the novel’s themes feel familiar as it draws parallels between the real world and the galaxy portrayed in the book. Hajogana imagines an orderly world ruled by justice. While in a leadership position, he implements change, negotiates a peace treaty, champions better conditions for slaves and clones, and improves the region’s economy and infrastructure. He is opposed by corrupt leaders who are allied to his superior and who favor a totalitarian government. Towards the end of the book, an intriguing sub-plot is included that involves a young boy and a possible future ruler. The story introduces Hajogana’s further role as a foster-father for the boy.

Hajogana by Jian Fong Samuel Yaw is a creative science fiction fantasy focused on the political, social, and economic reform of a dystopian society. Hajogana by Jian Fong Samuel Yaw is an imaginative story which includes many fascinating elements and comes highly recommended Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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