K-9 Cop: Case# 1 – The Dreck Report by Erna Mueller

K-9 Cop: Case# 1 – The Dreck Report by Erna MuellerK-9 Cop: Case# 1 - The Dreck Report by Erna Mueller
Genres: Crime & Detective Fiction, Humor, Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller, Young Adult
Pages: 220
Format: Audiobook, Kindle, Paperback
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Even after a lifetime of putting dangerous criminals behind bars, heartless cop Spencer needs to redeem himself before he may enter heaven. Only the J.R.P. (Jerk Redemption Program) can help him now. He’s sent back to earth in the body of his K-9 partner to help a troubled teenager and his dysfunctional family. Spencer also swallowed an important microchip his killers need to execute their evil plan. Can Spencer maul the shins (and other choice areas) of the criminals and stop them? Can a selfish man find a heart? You bet, he just has to become a dog first.

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K-9 Cop: Case# 1 – The Dreck Report by Erna Mueller


K-9 Cop: Case# 1 – The Dreck Report by Erna Mueller is a delightful, fun and heart-warming story filled with mystery, amusement and endearing characters, featuring an unusual, entertaining and clever police dog. It’s a must read book for enthusiastic mystery reader’s and true-blue dog lovers.

Seattle police Lieutenant Spencer Watley is an excellent policeman. With his beloved K-9 partner, Pepper, he works hard and is successful at putting criminals behind bars. But, Spencer is an outright jerk, rude, and unpleasant. During an operation involving a chase, Spencer is killed. When he is at the brink of entering heaven’s gates, he finds out just how mean of a person he was and discovers he is unqualified to enter in. However, he gets another chance to redeem himself and enter the pearly gates if he agrees to go back to earth in the body of his best friend and buddy – Pepper his K9 dog. His mission is to do some good by helping a teenager and his family learn to love each other. They are dysfunctional and desperately need help. He really isn’t interested in the broken family at first, rather his real motivation is to find his own killer. But as time goes on, and as the reader hears the thoughts and feels the emotions of Spencer, (who is now Pepper the dog) he begins to change and his heart softens. His attitude changes and he sincerely starts to care about the family and the human friends he makes along the way. Follow the journey with his adventuresome struggles and triumphs, new found friends (and enemies) and the criminals he encounters in this wonderful must read tale about selfishness, crime, double-dealing, courage, loyalty, redemption, teamwork and, of course, our beloved canine friends.

Erna Mueller has cleverly created dazzling well developed characters of diverse personas, qualities and attitudes in her award winning book K-9: Case# 1 – The Dreck Report. Some are fun, quirky and endearing, while others like the hardened criminals, all make for an all-around exceptional story with a well written, completely convincing plot. The four-legged characters in K-9 Cop brings extra authenticity, fun and a delightful engaging reading experience with their human like personalities and comical ways of acting and thinking. Erna Mueller’s writing style is unique, bringing the reader an expressive descriptive tale with detailed scenes and settings. Her particularly memorable characters are relatable, as I totally connected with and enjoyed them. With the crime & detective work, along with a mysterious and thrilling storyline, it all held me captive from beginning to end. The intriguing idea of human spirits living within some impressive dogs was the highlight of the story for me. I loved it!

Artisan Book Reviews recommends K-9 Cop: Case# 1 – The Dreck Report by Erna Mueller to all readers who delight in light-hearted, fun, mysterious and thrilling reads, coupled with great twists, surprises – and a special, well-conceived, unique take on this popular genre.

 K-9 Cop: Case# 1 – The Dreck Report by Erna Mueller has won several awards including first place in the 2009 National Good Read Competition

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  2. Wow! This review is great. I love books with dogs characters in them. I am totally looking forward to reading this book.

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