Traveller Inceptio by Rob Shackleford – Book Review

by Rob Shackleford
Published by Austin Macauley Genres: Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Format: Kindle, Paperback

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If you were sent 1000 years into the past, would you survive? Traveller Inceptio describes how the Transporter is accidentally invented and becomes public knowledge when it sends a subject 1000 years into the past. A Special Forces team of Travellers is then selected and trained with the intent to send them to Saxon England to explore what could be a very dangerous period of history. From the beaches of Australia, to the forests of Saxon England, Traveller Inceptio reveals how Travellers discover they need a lot more than technology to survive the trials of early 11th-century life. An English-born Australian, Rob Shackleford, has lived in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, with a varied career that has included customs officer, scuba instructor, college teacher and roles in too many places. With degrees in arts and business, he is mad keen on travel, scuba diving, family history, martial arts, astronomy and playing djembe and congas. Rob is a father of two and lives on the Gold Coast.

Book Review:

Traveller Inceptio by Rob Shackleford is a captivating, intriguing and mild science fiction story with a blend of historical fiction, action, adventure and a touch of romance. It is a 5 star, must read novel which even readers that are not hard core Sci-Fi fans will love.

Traveler Inceptio is the story about the Transporter, which is unintentionally invented and accidentally sends a man into the past 1000 years ago in England. Then, a Special Forces team is gathered and sent back to Saxon England, 1000 years in the past. Although the team has been well trained, they really are unprepared to face the danger and life of the 11th century and all of what that time and place in history holds for them. Being in this unfamiliar dangerous period of history, without the technology to help them, how will they manage to maneuver and thwart the trouble that comes their way and survive? Eventually the Travellers begin to adapt to the way of living and surviving in the 11th century Saxon England environment. Traveller Inceptio then becomes extremely interesting, engaging, and educational. The Travellers start a new and different way of living while learning from the people and environment from back then, and teaching them the modern day knowledge they have, as well. Readers are transported to a different time and place through Rob Shackleford’s brilliantly researched, detailed descriptive writing and knowledge of the history of 11th century England’s way of living, customs, struggles, adversities and traditions. While reading this fascinating story, I was able to imagine, perceive and identify with the life back then. As I was plunged into the ancient past, I was fully captivated by the scenery, people, action, adventure and life of that time, and I could totally picture the entire scene. The author cleverly weaves three storylines into the plot which are connected perfectly, make sense, easy to understand and follow along.

This a novel that readers will become fully engrossed in and unable to out down. The enjoyable plot is developed over time, continuously flowing smoothly. I loved everything about Traveller Inceptio. It is not just your ordinary time travel, historical and science fiction story, but rather an ingenious trip into the world of the Travellers as readers follow along on their journey with intrigue, observation and clear understanding of the powerful, complex and deep plot. The character development is strong and I felt well connected to them as they are an integral part of the believable storyline. The amazing and unbelievable circumstances and situations they go through and overcome makes them shine and stand out. There is much harmonious content within this story and welcome knowledge to be learned about history and our modern day. The shifting between the present and the past is written so well and narrated perfectly with the detail of the time travel aspect being the central focus of this fascinating novel. Readers will keenly and easily feel when they are traveling into the past in the 11th century Saxon England, or are in the modern day times, with great fascination, excitement and pleasure. Readers will receive a fun lesson in history in an easy to understand manner.

Traveller Inceptio is an entertaining, enjoyable and gratifying read, filled with action, adventure and a touch of romance. Rob Shackleford’s exemplary writing style is smart, clever and creative, drawing readers in from start to finish. I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in the Traveler Inceptio series by Rob Shackleford. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews for both men and women, and all insightful, passionate and curious readers!

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  1. You can easily buy this book at Amazon. I got a copy and I suggest it to any reader that like this genre. I loved it. Great job!

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