Tenacity by Ron Coury – Book Review

by Ron Coury
Published by Las Vegas Publishing Group Genres: Biographies, Memoir, Nonfiction, True Life Story
Format: Audiobook, Hardcover, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="tenacity"Tenacity: A Vegas Businessman Survives Brooklyn, the Marines, Corruption and Cancer to Achieve the American Dream: A True Life Story By Ron Coury


Tenacity chronicles the evolution of entrepreneur Ron Coury, a major business figure in Las Vegas, Nevada and the surrounding western states.

As Coury, a former U.S. Marine, climbed the ladder toward his success, he faced a barrage of constraints including political and police corruption, bribery, coercion and even death threats. Along the way, he also had a few offers to settle matters discreetly, with a few well-placed bullets. His choices would have life altering consequences for many.

How does one retain a sense of ethics amidst an atmosphere so rife with corruption? Coury details the struggles he faced and the losses he endured in this eye-opening look behind the curtain of business during the “Good Ol’ Boy” days of Southern Nevada.


Tenacity is the gripping, inspirational and compelling true life story of Ron Coury, his unrelenting determination to overcome the many formidable obstacles which he endured along his journey to achieve the American dream, while also fighting the innate corruption in Las Vegas, Nevada, along the way.

Tenacity is an engaging, distinct memoir where Ron Coury expressively chronicles his dramatic journey beginning as a grandson of Middle Eastern immigrants, all the way to his triumphant rise and achievement to a becoming a hugely successful Las Vegas businessman and entrepreneur. However, the road to his success was difficult, fraught with tension, struggles and coping with the onslaught of cancer. He endured much adversity in his life on his way to the top. But, through his strength, determination, strong will and know-how, he was able to overcome it all and become the success he is today. Now, through his stunning, and rather shocking, memoir, he brings readers an inside look at how he achieved his dreams, while chronicling the corruption, double-dealing, mob thugs, crime and underhandedness that made up the history of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fraud, bribery and elected officials only seeking gain for themselves, ignoring the public’s needs, are some of the issues that Ron Coury bravely faced and fought against by standing up to them with fearless determination, bringing justice for many.

This is an exemplary story about the life of author Ron Coury, as he cleverly expresses it to readers in his extraordinary autobiography, Tenacity. He is a brilliant man of principle, strength of mind and spirit, taking on the corrupt influencers that forcibly tried to maintain control of the systems behind the gambling, and various industries of Las Vegas. And, in the end Coury prevailed, was victorious in his efforts, and won the many struggles and fights he took on.

Tenacity by Ron Coury is unlike any memoir that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
It is an amazing story, and very well written with a nice steady pace, keeping the reader fully engaged throughout the entire book. It is filled with gripping and thrilling anecdotes that will excite and conjure up feelings of anger and apprehension, but will ultimately inspire, encourage and motivate others to work hard to achieve their dreams. The history and explanations of the Las Vegas Empire are engrossing, shocking and very entertaining. The message in Tenacity is stirring and powerful, and Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends this insightful, exciting, compelling and memorable memoir to all readers.

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  1. I greatly appreciate Artisan Book Reviews reading and commenting on my autobiography, Tenacity. I am amazed at the number of people that have contacted me via roncouryauthor.com to describe how the Artisan review prompted them to buy it and how much they enjoyed reading my true life story.

  2. Amazing book review. This book sounds great. I am going to get it now. This is my favorite book blog. I am a subscriber and get your emails about the books you are recommending. I have bought and read many of the books you guys suggest. I have never been disappointed. Great job Artisan !

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