I Am Marcus Fox: A Novel by Bryon Cahill – Book Review

by Bryon Cahill
Genres: Action, Adventure, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="i am marcus fox"I Am Marcus Fox: A Novel by Bryon Cahill


A nonstop, action adventure thrill ride!Marcus Fox came screaming into a world of lies and violence. Discarded and abandoned, he was saved and raised by a loving tribe in Zambia. He learned to fight for survival, hunt for his supper, and inevitably became an undeniable force of nature.

Despite being a self-proclaimed beast of a man, Marcus harbors a secret, unbeknownst even to himself — beneath his explosive exterior beats the heart of a severely wounded soul. In his reckless pursuit of truth and meaning, he will face his greatest fears, conquer unimaginable adversaries, and discover trust in unlikely friendships. In a genre-blending mashup where action meets psychological thriller, Marcus Fox delivers punch after ferocious punch — he was born to tell his savage story.


I Am Marcus Fox by Bryon Cahill is a must read, psychological thriller, filled with action, adventure, and rampant, outrageous drama. Readers will be enthralled and fascinated by this gripping, original novel.

This is a twisted and invigorating ride that begins in the mind of a neglected boy. The narrator, Marcus Fox, recalls how he once longed for the love and attention any child deserves, all the while his parents (known in the media as “The Texas Terrors”) notoriously robbed every bank, diner and gas station they laid their eyes on. Always on the run and in some sort of trouble, Marcus quickly grew accustomed to a life of never knowing what would happen next — an uncertainty that no child should fear. It was an introduction to a life he would never fully understand, where his mother hardly spoke to him, and his father, only to brag of his conquests. Full of delinquency and chaos, Marcus would listen very intently to his father’s wild and exciting stories of his and his mother’s unlawful antics. Even his very own birth story was a scene of his mother in agony while Marcus’ father maneuvered them through an intricate and dangerous chase, which could have killed them both.

When he was 6 years old, much to Marcus’ dismay and disbelief, his parents dropped him from a single-engine airplane with only a parachute on his back, into the jungles of green and lush Zambia, Africa. A completely different world, unknown to Marcus in every way. Could it be destiny and a prophecy fulfilled that he had fallen from the sky to a tribe that was waiting on his arrival? Learning the ways and rural techniques of the tribesmen taught Marcus how to hunt and master his new skills with quickness. He readily became accustomed, and then moved on to being savvy, skillful and knowledgeable of the land he was raised on.

Between epic battles and unhinged scenarios, I Am Marcus Fox never failed to disappoint. An invigorating and provocative story that takes its readers on a roller coaster of emotions throughout. This entirely original tale is jam-packed with thrilling scenes, sometimes comical dialogue, non-stop action, and edge-of-your-seat adventure! I would most definitely recommend this wallop of tale to anyone looking for a great story they won’t be able to put down, until the very end. Fully developed characters, all with unique and interesting personalities and storylines, drives I Am Marcus Fox into a riveting, compelling, and fully entertaining read. I enjoyed every second of it as I was totally engaged and enthralled from beginning to end.

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Artisan Book Reviews

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