The Sound of Suffering by Dr. Darin C Brown

by Dr. Darin C Brown
Genres: Fantasy, Superheros
Format: Paperback

Alt="the sound of suffering"The Sound of Suffering: The Master of Perceptions, Book 2 by Dr. Darin C Brown


Hunter Miller has a secret. He can read and manipulate the auras that surround everyone. Having used his talent to dethrone the reigning school bully, thirteen-year old Hunter finds himself thrust into a new quest after hearing screams in the aura of a teacher. Unable to resist this powerful siren song, he investigates—despite warnings from his family and friends. It nearly costs him everything. When he discovers the truth, Hunter seeks help stopping his formidable adversary. As the situation escalates, the adolescent hero realizes that despite the risks, he must fight this battle alone. In this second installment of The Master of Perceptions series, can Hunter use his extraordinary powers to rescue an innocent woman without losing himself in the process?


The Sound of Suffering by Dr. Darin C Brown is an exciting, compelling and entertaining story about an autistic thirteen-year old boy who has powerful, unusual and mysterious abilities. Hunter Miller can interpret and influence the distinctive atmosphere and auras that surround, and are generated by people’s emotions, actions and intentions. He was bullied for most of his life and is now coming into his own astonishing, unique mental abilities in which he uses to help battered and abused women and children. Like a superhero, young Hunter is on a mission to help save his teacher after hearing warning sounds, loudly crying out from her aura. As Hunter fights his own personal demons, he valiantly, strategically and single handedly sets out to save his teacher from her abusive husband, who is a cop. Can Hunter Miller use his incredible mental superpowers and manipulate the rescue of his teacher without harming himself in the process? One must read this amazing one-of-a-kind story, to be wildly captivated and impressed, while discovering the answer.

The Sound of Suffering had me fully engaged and delighted from the very first chapter. It is an extremely well written page turner with memorable characters. They are well developed, relatable and realistic. The storyline and plot are completely original and composed of great world building, excellent descriptive writing and a deep meaningful premise. It combines the mysterious realm of autism with the supernatural and magical abilities of a boy that is determined and set on helping others. The effect is a pleasing and compelling coming of age story full of conflict, emotion and richness. It is an enchanting fantasy that readers will revel in and be fully intrigued by. Young readers, and old alike, will love The Sound of Suffering by Dr. Darin C Brown. They will be transported to a realm of colors, demons and magic through a boys unique abilities to control, not only his own destiny, but of those around him. Young Hunter’s world is relatable, powerful and fun to read about. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The Sound of Suffering by Dr. Darin C Brown, a must read, 5 star, magnificent work of fiction.

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