The Road Ahead by Hali C. Broncucia

by Hali Broncucia
Published by BookBaby Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the road ahead"The Road Ahead by Hali C. Broncucia


A viral epidemic has wiped out 99% of the world’s population leaving scientist Heather Morgan to fight off thieves and scrounge for food and shelter near Denver, Colorado. When Heather befriends the young, naïve Jodi, she learns that a biotech company in San Francisco is rumored to have created a vaccine. Together, the women trek by foot to find the lab. After suffering a near-fatal attack, Heather and Jodi find a safe haven on a farm with two young men, Cam and Elliot. Their security is short-lived, however, when irrevocable consequences threaten Heather’s mission. Will Heather be able to overcome loss and tragedy to find the vaccine or will she let sorrow overtake her and turn back? How many lives are worth the risk for a hope that rests in only a rumor?Synopsis:


The Road Ahead by Hali C. Broncucia, is a captivating post-apocalypse story that readers will revel in and fall in love with. It follows the life and journey of Heather Morgan, a biological engineer that is currently working on a vaccine to rid the world of a fatal virus. But, all hope is soon lost when the virus takes the lives of 99% of the human population. Heather is all alone and must survive in a desolate thieving world. Her survival skills are put to the test as she seeks to obtain food, safety and shelter. She comes upon and meets a young naive girl named Jodi. They become friends and team up to journey together from Colorado to San Francisco where there has been a rumor that a biotech company has discovered the vaccine. They are on foot and danger lurks. They survive a near deadly attack before coming upon a farm where they meet two young men Cam and Elliot. They find shelter and safety there with them, but tragedy strikes and Heather’s crucial plans could be in jeopardy. Should she continue with her mission after all she has already been through, for only a rumor of hope?

The Road Ahead by Hali C. Broncucia is an emotional, compelling read filled with drama and twists and turns. Readers will be caught up in the story from the very first chapter. Author Hali C. Broncucia has a way with words that brings the characters and story to life. There are very few, yet, well developed characters that readers will love and connect with. They are realistic and relatable with interesting personalities and emotions that run high. Heather is a fabulous, strong and capable young woman, and is cleverly written with much forethought and passion. There is a memorable character for every reader to love, and connect with, in this engaging and engrossing story.

I found this post-apocalyptic story to be intriguing and riveting as the diminishing infected population is running about try to survive. The writing of the survival techniques and details is very absorbing and interesting. The scientific aspects are easy to understand and intelligently written. Hali C. Broncucia certainly did her homework, and much research had to have been put into this must read novel.

The Road Ahead is a dystopian / science fiction book that is very thought-provoking and fascinating. Heather and the others must trek and survive in a desolate destitute land filled with danger and trouble. I could not put this page turner down and read it late into the night. It is unique with well written descriptions that put me right on the scene. The dialogue between the characters impressed me and kept me very involved in their lives and dilemmas. This book is one of the best post-apocalyptic stories that I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. It is original and different from most books in its genre.

Hali C. Broncucia has a fabulous distinctive voice and she is an extremely talented writer. The ending was satisfying with a bit of a cliff-hanger, leaving me eagerly wanting more. I am so looking forward to a sequel. Artisan Book Reviews feels very confident in recommending The Road Ahead to all dystopian/science fiction readers that want to escape into a captivating, intriguing and unforgettable book.

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