The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn – Bill Morgenstein

by Bill Morgenstein
Genres: Humor, Inspirational, Memoir
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the crazy life of a kid from brooklyn"The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn: My Crazy Life in history, with celebrities, with travel & with business by Bill Morgenstein


My dream then was to play baseball for the New York Yankees. I was on the Stuyvesant baseball team, but because of my working hours, my playing time was limited. My first dream to become a corporate president by the time I was 35 years of age was fulfilled.

Experience the ups and downs of a life well lived in Bill Morgenstein’s compelling new memoir, The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn.

While first reminiscing upon his childhood in Brooklyn during the depression, Morgenstein traces his life through times of war, peace, and everything in between.

At times funny and heartbreaking, The Crazy Life of a Kid in Brooklyn details Morgenstein’s enlistment in the US Army, his days running a $55 million dollar company, his despair at losing it all to a scam, and much more.

His chance encounters with such historical figures as Sergeant York, Cordell Hull, Sid Gordon, Jomo Kenyatta, and Vince Camuto provide amusing cultural touchstones that reveal a willingness to embrace everything life has to offer.

Through all the successful, disappointing, dangerous, educational, and enlightening experiences that have shaped his life, Morgenstein remains philosophical as he explores the roles of ethics, honesty, and unfailing determination in shaping the human experience.


The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn by Bill Morgenstein is a remarkable story about the author’s extraordinary life. With an extreme zest for life, Bill Morgenstein takes readers on a journey they won’t soon forget. In his well-written memoir, Morgenstein captured my full attention with the telling of his amazing life story. From his young life growing up in Brooklyn, New York in days past, to all his incredible adventures as a young man, and to his later years in life, Bill Morgenstein narrates it all extremely well. Filled with funny, heartbreaking, successful and victorious anecdotes, readers will laugh, cry and cheer as this intelligent hard-working man never gives up. He opens up and shares all the ups and downs, the hilarious moments and all the situations he found himself in. He conveys all of what life held for him in a candid, authentic and humorous voice.

His life is one action-packed, wild ride of events, from fun and innocent schoolboy stunts, college fellowship pranks, to the army in Korea, his lifelong marriage, and then on to serious business and magnificent world travel. He has lived an exciting life with never a dull moment. And his thought-provoking autobiography is a must read, filled with his clever antics, smart business savvy, exploits and life wisdom, readers will find that there is never a dull moment while reading his story. He achieved his dreams by being smart, working hard and making important connections with important people. His life is a testament and inspiration on how to love and make the most of one’s life. He has lived an interesting exemplary life and continues to do so.

The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn by Bill Morgenstein will motivate others and give them the inspiration and know how to reach for the best in life. The stories contained within are full of insight, intelligence, comical, interesting, and even dangerous, events. His love for life, coupled with his enthusiasm, propelled him to success. This book is enjoyable, fun to read and completely engaging. I couldn’t put it down as I read about the life and fascinating stories of this intriguing and amusing man. This book is deep and touching, fully entertaining, funny, clever and entirely absorbing. It is definitely the best memoir I have ever read. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends it to every reader, from teens to older adults. There are rare treasures to be found and gleaned from in, The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn by Bill Morgenstein, an outstanding compelling piece of literary work.

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  2. Hello. I have checked your and I love your site. This book review is well written and awesome. I am going to buy this book. It sounds so inspiring and good.

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