Three New People – Brian Miller – Book Review

by Brian Miller
Genres: Inspirational, Self-Help
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="three new people"Three New People: Make the Most of Your Daily Interactions and Stop Missing Amazing Opportunities by Brian Miller

Self-Help Success, communication, social skills


Connect with anyone. Strengthen your relationships. Build a sustainable career.

Three New People is a manifesto on the beauty and power of human connection in a world where loneliness has reached epidemic levels. We’re rushed, frazzled, distracted, and frankly, scared to talk to strangers. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if we could easily connect with anyone we meet – on the airplane, at the coffee shop, waiting in line, in the elevator – and take the chance of making a new connection: one that might last for seconds, or for a lifetime?

As a child with social anxiety, Brian Miller used magic in order to make friends. Now, as a globetrotting professional magician turned motivational speaker, he presents his secrets for connecting with the people you meet on a daily basis.

With the same mix of insight and storytelling from his popular TEDx talk “How to Magically Connect with Anyone,” Brian delivers:

*Engaging, personal, and wild stories from a career in magic.

*An action-oriented four-step system for making others feel heard, understood, and valued (E.A.R.S.).

*Tricks to develop self-confidence (and why you can fake confidence, but not sincerity).

*3 concrete techniques for building strong connections at networking events.

*5 ways to remember people’s names (and why it really, truly matters).

*Humorous and heart-warming anecdotes that will inspire you to change your world – at school, at home, at the office, or in your community – one person at a time.


Three New People: Make the Most of Your Daily Interactions and Stop Missing Amazing Opportunities by Brian Miller is an enlightening, powerful proclamation of the importance of making connections with others in a meaningful way. Genuine, amiable and personable, Brian Miller delivers his eye-opening message in a wonderful witty voice that grabs the reader’s attention, and keeps them entertained throughout the entire read. Miller is a magician, and he certainly has a magical way with words and conveys his thoughts and, sometimes crazy, experiences in an enthusiastic, exciting style.

With clear and concise words, Brian shares his own personal stories of how he was once shy and anxious and used magic to make new friends. Now he is a successful motivational speaker teaching others how to make everyday acquaintances with new people. He explains the importance of making new connections and how most people today are indeed disconnected, alone and unsociable. He says that we are missing out on new experiences and opportunities by neglecting to reach out and meet new people. Making connections is the key emphasis in Miller’s lessons. He gives tips, and solid ideas that we can use in our everyday lives, that will help us to stop being afraid, and instead approach and interact with others. Brian stresses how we can use these connections with people to live a more fulfilling life and a more successful life.

In, Three New People, Brian Miller talks about communication, which is an important lesson that we all need for daily interaction with others. This book is insightful and entertaining. I was fully engaged and particularly liked his teachings on the seriousness of helping people to feel validated. There are exercises on how to remember people’s names and the significance of doing so. He encourages us to accept, and learn from one another’s differences, which is vital and has the capacity to be life changing. Networking is discussed and I found it to be an invaluable source of information. He gives suggestions on how to ask meaningful questions that will help others talk about what’s important to them. These are ideas that I will certainly begin to use in my day to day interactions with people.

Three New People is the best self-help book I have ever read. It is spot on, full of inspiration and encouragement, while being told in a humorous and fun voice. I feel like I have been enlightened to new possibilities for a more fulfilling and successful life. I now desire to make new connections, meet and interact with strangers, and get to know people better. Thank you Brian Miller for writing an exemplary, insightful book filled with wit, honesty and knowledge. Get yourself a copy of Three New People and experience a changed new life. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews

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  1. Three New People provides great advice for anyone interested in making better personal connections with strangers and family alike. The deceptively simple advice in this book, charmingly told through the personal experiences of Brian Miller, will change your life.

  2. Excellent book review. This author has hit upon a purposeful issue in our society. Bought the book. Thanks for your helpful eye-catching website.

  3. I bought this book thanks to your excellent review. The book is so informative and helpful. I needed it.

  4. Wow! I love this blog. And this book sounds fabulous. I’m going to buy it. I need help connecting with people. Excellent review.

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