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“I’m actually not that fond of food. I’m more than happy with what we have at home,” says Reha Tanör — but immediately adds an important proviso: “But I still very much enjoy dining out!”

As a writer, Tanör doesn’t go to restaurants to fill his belly, he goes there to fill his five senses. He doesn’t just write about what he’s eaten, drunk and seen; he also conveys various other things that come to mind. In one moment, he shares his thoughts with a sharp sense of humor; in the next, he brings tears to our eye. In the end, he relays his experiences at well-known restaurants through the medium of delightful stories. Every story’s nuanced observation, depth of culture and unadorned delivery immediately draws the reader in. Ultimately, he presents his gastronomical edge, a product of his expansive journeys around the world, after first grounding it in that great purveyor of wisdom: life experience.

Calling Tanör a “gastro-philosopher,” would not be a stretch.

In fact, he’s actually an entrepreneur, a corporate executive and an academic. He’s the author of numerous books and articles in law and finance. In terms of lifestyle, though, he’s a true Mediterranean.

“If working hard does not bear fruit, then what’s the point of it?” he says and adds “…and the best fruit is to figure out how to live well.”

Reha Tanör is married with a son and two grandchildren.

Reha Tanör is the author of the fabulous, must read book Restaurants and Tales

— Stefan Martens, editor of Restaurants & Tales

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