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Alexandra Kleanthous – Author of “The Priest of Santa Maria”

Author Alexandra Kleanthous Bio:

Alexandra Kleanthous was born and raised in Greater London. She attended Film School in Sheffield where she explored the world of story-writing in fine detail. After writing and directing a few short films, her graduate film was screened internationally, including The Edinburgh International Film Festival. She has worked as a feature writer and even an artisan chocolatier.

Alex’s stories always carry an element of the mystical with many of her works featuring biblical and religious themes, mythology, esoteric teachings and the occult. These subjects hold a particular fascination for her.

Her love of Italy: old churches, timeless architecture, and the culture, food and people were the inspiration for her debut novel, ‘The Priest of Santa Maria’. Also, her travels to Jerusalem where she walked the ancient streets and Egypt where she climbed Mount Sinai by the light of the moon. Although most of the places in ‘The Priest of Santa Maria‘ are fictional, elements of where she has been and the places she admires are featured throughout the book.

My Inspiration for The Priest of Santa Maria 

The Priest of Santa Maria was heavily influenced by my travels many years ago to Jerusalem where I explored the old city and wondered what the streets were like over two millennia ago. Years later, this trip was to mean more than I realized and has led me to the subject of my novel. My travels to Italy also helped to shape the backdrop and were the influence behind the religious aspects of the novel. I only wish I had photos to share.

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