Hoofprints of the Heart by Dena Mason

Hoofprints of the Heart: How Childhood Gifts of Love Bestow an Enduring Legacy by Dena Mason
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Alt="Hoofprints of the Heart"Hoofprints of the Heart: How Childhood Gifts of Love Bestow an Enduring Legacy by Dena Mason

Growing up in the secure embrace of family, the winds of change are still inevitable.

Hoofprints of the Heart takes you back in time to a small town and a simpler life, before cell phones and social media, when communication was composed of actions, and the love of family and nature.

In the small farming community of Eckley, Colorado, surrounded by family and friends, young Dena learned about living and dying, suffering and loss.

Galloping through new emotions and new experiences, she rode horses on Colorado’s eastern plains and explored her faith in love and God with the help of her Uncle Max.

As Dena grew up, she discovered that heartache and loss are a part of love-and that welcoming every moment is the key to happiness. This compelling and heartwarming coming-of-age story will leave you with a greater sense of surrender to life’s unpredictable moments-including the death of loved ones-and it will restore your faith in God and family.

I enjoyed the memoir so much. It reminded me of my own childhood. I loved the sense of community within the town and the beautiful experiences the family shares. – Edith Emunah

Artisan Book Reviews:

Dena Mason recounts her childhood, growing up in a loving community in Eckley, Colorado, in her splendid, cheerful, and heart-warming memoir, Hoofprints of the Heart: How Childhood Gifts of Love Bestow an Enduring Legacy. It is a refreshing true story, unlike any other, that will cause readers to smile, feel happy and inspired.

When Dena Mason was two, her parents moved their family to the Eastern Plains of Colorado where they grew up. The move allowed young Dena and her sisters to live close to members of their extended family who inspired her faith, love of animals, nature, and her sense of security and freedom as a child. She grew up playing with her cousins and was surrounded by a wonderful close-knit community. Though her early life in Eckley was stable and idyllic, her family encountered some hardship and overwhelming loss as she grew up.

Dena Mason looks back at her earlier years and draws insightful lessons about faith, change, loss, and the brevity of life. In the opening scene, she visits her Aunt Joyce in a nursing home and is reminded of how quickly time passes and the reality of eternity. As she drives through her hometown, she notices the changes that have occurred since her childhood years. Through her faith journey which was inspired by her uncle Max, she includes reassuring, thoughtful and inspiring messages about courage, hope, kindness, love, and change, throughout the book.

Hoofprints of the Heart wonderfully portrays accounts of life in a beautiful, loving, and quaint small town. Dena Mason recalls receiving a pony from her uncle Keith, going to the county fair with her sister where they bought cotton candy with the money they had received from their grandma, and watching their cousins’ run barrels on horseback. Other accounts are equally engaging, endearing, and stirring as Dena remembers practicing Christmas songs at the start of the school year, skating at the local rink with classmates, and celebrating Christmas traditions with her family. Beautiful poems are included which celebrate the memories covered in the accounts of Dena’s life, and further explore her story’s main themes.

The emotional painful loss the family experiences from losing some of their members feels palpable. The story also covers other difficult, moving moments that the family and surrounding community experience such as the blizzard of 1977 which devastated the farming community, leaving much of their livestock frozen and buried.

Hoofprints of the Heart: How Childhood Gifts of Love Bestow an Enduring Legacy by Dena Mason is a fabulous memoir that aptly captures a wonderful life in a small Colorado town for author Dena Mason. Readers will love its delightful accounts of warm true-life stories and its profound, meaningful messages, and inspirational wisdom filled lessons.

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Alt="Hoofprints of the Heart"Hoofprints of the Heart: How Childhood Gifts of Love Bestow an Enduring Legacy by Dena Mason comes highly recommend by the Artisan Book Reviews team and has been chosen as the first-place winner in the
ABR Book Excellence Award
contest for best memoir, auto-biography, and true stories of faith categories.
Alt="Hoofprints of the Heart Book Award"

Dena Mason grew up in the heartland of a small town farming community.  Surrounded by family and friends, she attended a 

small, two-roomed schoolhouse during her kindergarten year.  In the shadow of loved ones with cancer, young Dena found God with the help of her beloved 

uncle.  The root of this story is a family tree that is buried deep down country roads.  Dena Mason is married to the love of her life, 

her farmer and rancher, Randy.  Together, they have raised three incredible children: Shayna, Jared, and Maranda Mason.    

Randy and Dena live on a farm in the Eastern Plains of Colorado and raise wheat and run a cow/calf operation along with Randy’s parents Merrill and Georgia Mason.

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