Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa by J. T. Allen

Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa ( Book 3 of 3: Daisy Tannenbaum) by J. T. Allen
Series: Daisy Tannenbaum Book #3
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Alt="daisy and the missing mona lisa"Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa ( Book 3 of 3: Daisy Tannenbaum) by J. T. Allen

Daisy Tannenbaum, almost thirteen and precocious as ever, heads to a château in the Loire to help her Aunt Mill’s friend, former-spy Felix, catalog his art collection. When Daisy receives a copy of the Mona Lisa as a thank you gift from Felix, strange things happen. This Mona is not just any copy, it’s one of two perfect forgeries created to fool the Nazis during their hunt for the real Mona Lisa in WWII. Daisy’s best friend from the states, Lucia, a newly minted teen model, in Paris to audition for the spring runway shows, thinks Daisy’s Mona is the real one. Real or not, it’s worth a fortune, and when Felix suddenly dies, his family accuses Daisy of stealing it. Daisy must navigate a world of scheming, frequently criminal adults, not to mention traveling ghosts, ginormous pigs, testy lawyers, and obnoxious fashionistas, to keep her beloved Mona. 

Artisan Book Reviews:
Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa: A Daisy Tannenbaum Misadventure

Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa by award-winning writer J. T. Allen is a wonderful and absorbing mystery set in France and filled with many delightful aspects of French culture. The intrigue of a clever mystery, mixed with unique and fun characters, along with many surprising twists and turns, will have readers young and old absorbed in and fascinated with author J.T. Allen’s brilliant imagination and storytelling ability. 

Daisy is resourceful, plucky, and charming.  She’s the almost 13-year-old narrator in this spunky mystery set in the heart of French culture, fashion, and arrondissements (neighborhoods).  She reminded me of Eloise at the Plaza, Nancy Drew, or if Dan Brown wrote a middle grade novel; but actually, she’s more relatable and fun.

When Daisy stands up to a class bully to protect her friend and sends him to the hospital, she’s expelled and sent to live with her Aunt Mill in Paris.  Her aunt was a spy although Daisy isn’t sure that her aunt is actually done with spying. 

Daisy gets sent to help Felix, an old friend of Aunt Mill’s, and a former spy himself, catalog his art collection.  In return for her help, Felix gives her one of the two perfect forgeries of the Mona Lisa that were made in WWII.  After she returns home, however, strange things begin to happen. Felix dies suddenly, and his family accuses Daisy of stealing the painting. Daisy must navigate scheming adults who will stop at nothing to get what they want, not to mention scary ghosts, diva supermodels, and giant pigs, all to save her beloved painting.  

J. T. Allen is no stranger to great writing.  He sweeps his readers into the story from the first page while also bringing history and the beautiful French landscape to life.  He’s aware that his reader is likely not French from the first line, and he’s thoughtful about translating for his reader whenever French is used.  He even includes a French glossary in the back. I also loved Daisy; her character is likeable, clever and peculiar.  She’s smart and savvy, yet she’s human.  I loved how loyal Daisy is to her friends and to Felix.  As soon as I finished this book, I looked J. T. Allen up to see what else he’d written.  I was so excited to learn that this is book 3 in the series J. T’s writing is so all-encompassing, imaginative and clever; this story is going to entertain readers of all ages.

Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa is a delightful, captivating mystery for middle grade, teen, and adult readers alike.  Readers will feel they are traipsing the French streets along with Daisy as she uses her quick thinking to get herself out of trouble and to save the day!  If you like Nancy Drew, Dan Brown or ghostly mysteries, this book (and the entire series) is for you!  Book proudly reviewed by Rachel McMahon for Artisan Book Reviews. Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa by J. T. Allen comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book read and reviewed by Rachel for Artisan Book Reviews.

Buy Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa by J. T. Allen today and don’t let your child miss out on an incredible adventurous and exciting read!!Alt="daisy and the missing mona lisa"
Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa ( Book 3 of 3: Daisy Tannenbaum)
by J. T. Allen
takes first place in the
ABR Book Excellence Award contest
for best
middle grade fiction, mystery and spy novel and categories.
Alt="book excellence award for daisy tannenbaum books"
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