The Deadlands by Minerva Hart

The Deadlands by Minerva Hart
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Alt-"the deadlands"The Deadlands by Minerva Hart

First-place Winner of the ABR Book Excellence Award for best Dystopian Fiction and Urban Fantasy

From the author of ‘Primal Instinct’ comes a new, exciting story about love, loss, and change.

This land was once known as ‘America’. Land of the Free. Home of the brave. All that jazz. Now, it’s the Deadlands. A hellscape ravaged by the Splicer’s Sickness, a virus that turns its victims into mindless animal-human hybrids known as – you guessed it – splicers. They’re vicious, carnivorous sons of bitches driven by a single impulse: To infect as many humans as possible. And if they don’t kill you, many depraved and desperate survivors will. Many would say that they’re worse than the splicers, which are at least predictable in their ferocity.

If you want to stay alive, you have three choices: First, you can either join the Safe Zones, where you will either join the military’s ranks of child soldiers or be an expendable, exploitable citizen. Second, you can join one of the many communities that have formed over the years. More often than not, they have walls, weapons, and food they’ve grown themselves. Lastly, you can go it alone. Hide yourself away in a big, comfortable fortress and keep yourself safe – both physically and emotionally.

No matter what you choose, heed this warning: Steer clear of New York City. A strange flag flutters from its buildings, and the people there talk of bringing back the good old days… by any means necessary.

The Deadlands by Minerva Hart is a brilliant, compelling and a one-of-a-kind action, adventure and post-apocalyptic story with just the right amount of romance  to satisfy every reader.” – Artisan Book Reviews

Artisan Book Review:

The Deadlands by Minerva Hart presents a compelling, unique and disturbing look at our world post-pandemic.  Minerva Hart has painted a vivid, viscerally real landscape in this book that will keep you up late into the night!

In a post-apocalyptic world, only the strong will survive.  In this dystopian post-apocalyptic world, the infected are a horrific vicious hybrid of part animal and part human called Splicers; they’ll do anything to infect a new host, and they’re hard to take down.  Nessa’s sister, L, has been taken by The Light-bringers—a human group with dark desires and objectives—Therefore, Nessa will do anything to get her sister back.  On her journey (by foot mind you) to find L, Nessa runs into Karl—a former military man who is fighting his own anxieties and internal battles.  When Karl agrees to travel with Nessa, the two begin to struggle right away as they encounter obstacle after obstacle.  In this world, you’ve got three choices—and all of them will kill some part of you—especially if you go near New York City.  The question is…. if the only living member of your family is in New York City….is the price too high to pay?

Both Nessa and Karl are determined, compelling and intriguing characters.  They are multidimensional, and interesting with stimulating personalities, and distinct flaws and strengths.  Minerva Hart unwinds their storylines in a way that keeps readers so interested, intrigued and captivated while guessing and rooting for them both.  Additionally, the plot follows a uniquely conceived hero’s journey type of storyline that was fun and entertaining to read.  I didn’t know who they’d encounter next, nor what would happen. And, as an aside, the Splicers are terrifying but also way cooler and unique than the other over-done zombie tropes. Author, Minerva Hart is an extraordinary writer with an unbelievable imaginative storytelling ability. She kept me turning the pages quickly, so captivated and enthralled by her thought-provoking urban fantasy story set in a unique dystopian world.

Minerva Hart has created a tour de force with her incredible dystopian novel, The Deadlands.  Readers will love the versatile, unique and fascinating settings, and the manner in which the author expresses and describes it all is so vivid and ingenious. The descriptive and imaginative writing style also has readers on the scene while the characters take the whole thing to the extreme to compete with everything and everyone under the sun to stay alive.  The Deadlands by Minerva Hart is a brilliant, compelling and a one-of-a-kind action, adventure and post-apocalyptic story with just the right amount of romance to satisfy every reader. Award winning author, Minerva Hart has created another extraordinary novel with The Deadlands – which comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

Artisan Book Reviews presents
Deadlands by
Minerva Hart as first place winner in
ABR’s Book Excellence Award contest for
best Dystopian & Urban Fantasy novel.
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