Rags and Muffin by D. G. D. Davidson – Book Review

Rags and Muffin (Deus ex Magical Girl Book 1) by D. G. D. Davidson
Series: Deus ex Magical Girl #1
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Rags and Muffin (Deus ex Magical Girl Book 1) by D. G. D. Davidson

The city is dying. This little girl is its only hope.

Twelve-year-old Miss Rags is a goddess: As a hybrid of the world’s two sapient species, she has the power to grant her worshipers visions of God. But she is destined to die before her sixteenth birthday.

Now transformed into a living weapon by her mad-scientist pediatrician, she stalks the crime-ridden streets of the decaying temple city, determined to punish the wicked in the time she has left.

When Rags gets word that a pimp and drug pusher on the city’s south end has bought a young girl from the slave market, she stages a rescue with the help of a few close friends and her alcoholic, carjacking dog. But Southside is a powder keg: The grudges between rival gangs are about to explode into open war, and the site of the planned rescue is the epicenter.

Rags just wanted to save a life. Now she’ll have to fight to keep herself and her friends alive.

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In the imaginative and exhilarating young adult fantasy novel, Rags and Muffin (Deus ex Magical Girl Book 1) by D. G. D. Davidson, a team of young friends fight to free a young girl from a ruthless pimp.

Though mystic and majestic with its centuries-old temples, Godtown is also a city fraught with criminals, warring gangs, and a history marred by consistent war. In the city which is now occupied by the powerful Elysian Empire, criminality and skirmishes are still rampant. Among the city’s residents are hybrids who have special, mystical powers. Rags is one of these and is intent on fighting off criminals within the short time she has left.

The novel builds a believable world complete with its own language, political and religious scene, and landscape. Striking descriptions of the city’s splendor and detailed accounts that paint lifelike images of the city’s underbelly are included. As the Ragtag army moves through slums to execute their plan, the novel includes precise details that depict the city’s filth and various ruins. Its elaborate coverage also extends to its characters. Members of the Ragtag Army are described in depth with details that flesh them out as some of the main characters in the book. Their extensive backgrounds are included and their friendships are covered. The book is packed with fierce action scenes which involve numerous fights between the team and the criminals they encounter. In a city that is rife with dangerous clashes, other exciting confrontations also appear. The novel’s paranormal elements enhance the story. Mystical events such as when Rags, being a hybrid, is able to subdue her opponents through her supernatural powers generate suspense. Explanations about other hybrid abilities and weaknesses are also captivating. The Ragtag team’s clandestine operations are unknown to their parents which adds tension and excitement to their escapades. Some of their activities and experiences are light-hearted and they balance the novel’s more harrowing scenes.

The immersive descriptions, fascinating scenes and heroic, compelling characters make Rags and Muffin by D. G. D. Davidson an engaging story. The novel will be a delightful read for fans of urban fantasy looking for a creative novel set in a dynamic, absorbing world. Rags and Muffin (Deus ex Magical Girl Book 1) by D. G. D. Davidson comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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