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Confederacy Of Fenians by James Nealon
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IN THE WAKE OF THE CONFEDERATE VICTORY AT GETTYSBURG, Britain declares war on the United States and invades from Canada. Seizing opportunity, Irish patriots in the Union Army ally themselves with the Confederacy and the British in exchange for a promise of Irish freedom

Following the war. Can Lincoln and the Union hold out against this powerful alliance? Success or failure rests on the shoulders of an unlikely but well-known figure.

Artisan’s Book Review:

Confederacy Of Fenians by James Nealon is a must read, spell-binding and compelling portrayal of the Civil War reimagined through the eyes of the author. His retelling of this well-documented historical event is realistic, fascinating and intriguing. Readers will find it to be an absolutely incredible story, fully captivating and unable to put it down.

Drawing from extensive research, the author takes us into the personal lives of the leading figures of the Civil War. The reader is asked to delve into the thoughts and minds of Lincoln, Davis, and the English general, Burgoyne, just to name a few. We are asked to contemplate what makes these major players tick, the size of their egos and what their underlying motivations might have been. Interestingly, the reader begins to understand their motivations, their doubts and even how their mindsets play out according to the author’s clever and captivating imagination.

Author, James Nealon adds ingenious twists about the British goal to win back America after the Revolutionary War with the help of Irish American troops who are enlisted in the Union corps. Each chapter moves from character to character seamlessly and with great skill, building suspense and working cleverly towards a final ending.

Nealon is a masterful writer. His descriptive paragraphs bring to life the suspense, tension and immediacy of the events as they unfold. With the author’s ability to hone into subtle details, the reader becomes fully aware of the intimate and intriguing thoughts of each character and their idiosyncrasies. As well, his descriptions of an impatient horse to the action-packed battle scenes are equally vivid, full of life and brilliantly devised.

Nealon’s unique approach and narration of the Civil War is extremely well-composed, detailed and thorough. There is no doubt that he has extensive knowledge of the subject. His personal connection has permeated every page with a richness and authenticity that is rarely seen in speculative historical fiction.

If you are a fan of history, and the Civil War you are going to enjoy and be absolutely thrilled with this extraordinary novel, Confederacy Of Fenians by James Nealon. Accordingly, if you are a fan of well-crafted, suspenseful thrillers, you are going to love and devour this one-of-a-kind novel. There is no doubt it is an exceptional read. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Confederacy Of Fenians by James Nealon. Book reviewed by S. Day for Artisan Book Reviews.

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