Because She (And You) Give Me None by Michelle Ryan – Book Review

Because She (And You) Give Me None: The story of a girl, a boy, and a bear by Michelle Ryan
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Alt="Because She (And You) Give Me None"Because She (And You) Give Me None: The story of a girl, a boy, and a bear by Michelle Ryan

An isolated prince…

For as long as he could remember, Prince Kim Joon-Woo of the Tuhan Kingdoms has been kept hidden from the world. So he is thrilled when his older brother gives him permission to explore their kingdom as a birthday present. Joon-Woo believes this to be the best day of his life.

Until he gets lost.

Joon-Woo is sure that he has blown his only chance to ever go out outside again. That is, until he encounters a girl with peculiar yellow eyes…

A nameless girl desperate to belong…

The girl isn’t sure how this kid has gotten himself lost in the woods. All she knows is that one look in those rain-colored eyes has her feeling things she never thought possible. Feelings that she would do anything to keep with her. Even if it means committing less than honorable acts to keep her new friend by her side…

ABR’s Review:

Because She (And You) Give Me None: The story of a girl, a boy, and a bear is an intriguing story. The author, Michelle Ryan creates a world of magical realism and fantasy around two very different characters: a lonely prince and an unwanted girl. This story is disturbing and yet uplifting at the same time as it delves into their relationship and a world where people can shapeshift into animals.

Our two protagonists couldn’t be any different. Kim Joon-Woo is a prince of the Tuhan Kingdoms and, as you can imagine, has all that luxury and privilege royal life can offer. On the other hand, the nameless girl is an orphan who is unwanted, unloved and poor. They meet by chance in the forest when Joon-Woo becomes lost, and from that moment on are intrinsically bound to each other. However, things don’t go well for them as their separate circumstances and what others want for them interfere with their friendship.

The fantasy aspects of this novel are captivating. Each character has an animal which they can transform into or shape shift, and this is a normal and acceptable part of society. Joon-Woo changes into a black wolf cub, and families are identified by the animal they are linked to. This is quite mesmerizing and adds a sense of fascination to the story, while the use of i-phones and other modern gadgets creates an aura of realism that helps the reader keep one foot grounded while their minds are transported to a fantasy world.

The other interesting aspect in this novel is the use of smell and how the characters are judged depending upon whether others like the way they smell or not. The girl, for example, is made fun of because the other kids in the orphanage think she smells awful and this affects her chance of being adopted. Interestingly, when Joon-Woo first meets her he is intoxicated by her fragrance, a mix of candy apples and something like cut grass. She is entranced by his smell and nicknames him ‘peach’ because of it.

There are lots of other remarkable references to nature in this story, in particular, the color of the characters’ eyes which was an appealing part of the story. As well, the dialogues were so realistic the reader may think they are listening to real conversations.

Because She (And You) Give Me None is carefully crafted for maximum enjoyment. It has a lot of incredible twists in the plot which will keep readers guessing and glued to the pages. It can be enjoyed by teens and adults who will become lost in an extraordinary world of fantasy and realism, and feel real emotion for the way the story ends. Because She (And You) Give Me None: The story of a girl, a boy, and a bear by Michelle Ryan is a fascinating original story and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book read and reviewed by S. Day for ABR.

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