Hollywood Endings and How to Get One by Linda Flanders

Hollywood Endings and How to Get One by Linda Flanders
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How do I change my self-image? How do I get from who I am to who I want to be?

The awakening step is self-awareness…and it’s a process. What if the process could be gentle and fun? What if it could be fast? That’s what Hollywood Endings is all about. It uses the science of imagination, intention, and self-awareness, the movies for fun and the Feldenkrais Method for speed.

It’s for anyone who has ever wanted or dreamed of having a “Hollywood ending” especially those who never had a role model to show how it’s done. It celebrates the wonder of the movies and urges us to see movies once to be entertained, and then return to see them again to learn from them. There are movies to see and a workbook at the end of each chapter. This book can show you how with life lessons from Dances With Wolves, National Velvet, Die Hard, and The Color Purple. Rewrite your own story and give it a Hollywood ending.

“Innovative and stimulating…a source of inspiration for self-discovery, healing and growth.” Birgit Wolz, Ph.D., Individual and Family Therapist.

Rave Reviews

This is a unique self-help book. The author, Linda Flanders, managed to use most of our favorite movies as a focal point to explain her points. Linda’s book captures the reader’s imagination and triggers their reasoning and reflection. This guide will lead you into knowledge about yourself and expose you to conclusive knowledge. I also loved the author’s ability to simplify complex terms and give detailed explanations of each point she raised in this non-fiction book. An example was her reference to the “Reptilian System as The Producer” and “the Limbic System as The Drama Queen.” There was a sense of humor in her descriptions, and I found them refreshing. Official OnlineBookClub.org review of “Hollywood Endings and How to Get One” by Linda Flanders.

 Create a Happy Hollywood Ending

I like how the author explains how we can rewrite our own life script by emulating qualities of movie characters that we admire. She asserts that it is possible to do this despite being from dysfunctional families or having experienced trauma. It is our responsibility to take advantage of opportunities to find: a goal, a purpose, love, health, success, abundance etc.


A very original and unorthodox approach to self-help and self-Motivation

If you are a film buff whose looking to improve your life, you should take a look at Hollywood Endings, it will help you. If you’re looking to read a self-help book, but are dissatisfied or disillusioned with the other ones you have read, you should give this one a try. If you’re merely a fan of movies who wants to relieve great moments in great films or to find some new ones, you will enjoy this book. And, if you’re in need of a book to help you turn your life in another direction, read this one. You just might have a happy Hollywood ending of your own.

A self-help book that is engaging and very entertaining especially when the homework provided includes watching movies. Movies can inspire. They can make you think out of the box. Sometimes they can make you question yourself and look back at your life or perhaps even see your future. I now have a new love for them.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys self-help and inspiring books!

This book is marvelous. It gives a different insight as a self-help book using different Hollywood movies while providing a different and unique insight and perspective. This book was very well researched by the author and used creative imagination to make a self-help book for readers using the ideology of movies. This reader was excited and could not stop reading till the book was finished. The author had such insight on the movies and using it for to help others by using the movies that were worth using. This is good for teaching character education as well as self-help support.

 Movies teach a lot!

The emphasis in the different chapters to be in constant examination of our behavior and the areas of our life that are not working, helps the reader with different perspectives to the same matter and this way be able to use the knowledge in their own lives, and discover that by acting different in the different situations we also get different outcomes.

This book has motivated me to watch movies that have created an impression on me a second time, so that I can study the movie, and learn more from it, instead of just being entertained.

Wonderfully unique!

This book is wonderful and unique! The homework is great and definitely has you thinking in a different way. The author is fantastic! She’s enthusiastic and intelligent with a lot of life experience that allows her to offer guidance in a different way. I would definitely recommend this book to friends and family. I will be looking for more by Linda Flanders.

Not your typical self-help book but a guide to improving your perspective and self!

I really enjoyed this book. Not sure what made me choose this book but I’m glad I did. It’s an eye opener and a book I will highly recommend it. It’s not the usual self-help rhetoric, “you are doing everything wrong and I have all the answers type of book.” It’s so much more. It’s more of a guide to being able to re-invent a better and healthier you that you can be proud of.
To be honest, based off the title I wasn’t sure what this book would be about. The workbook section was a great touch and encouraged us as reader to think deeper than the surface. I loved the many movie references, it allowed me an opportunity to watch new movies and get a new perspective.

Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Hollywood Endings and How to Get One by Linda Flanders

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