My Life, My Story, My Journey and A Tall Tale by RBK – Book Review

My Life, My Story, My Journey and A Tall Tale by RBK
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Alt="my life"My Life, My Story, My Journey and A Tall Tale (A Tall-Tale 1) by RBK

Dark Night Of The Soul, Spirituality, Ascension. These were all new concepts to KR. A whole new world had opened up to him. Willing to explore this new world, KR embraced the future with an open mind. And then there was Theresa, the catalyst that awakened him, sending him on a quest for answers that led him to a juncture of two paths, where anything could be manifested. Remembering her last words: “I’ll see you soon.” Visit RBK’s blog.

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For a memoir that is a very personal glimpse into the mindset of a man on a spiritual journey, you will find My Life, My Story, My Journey and A Tall Tale by RBK an intriguing and riveting read. More than just a memoir it is an insight into his awakening, and the steps that led him there.   

Born in Canada in 1960, the author’s life starts off as the much perceived ‘normal,’ education, job, wife, kids and a mortgage.  All this is captured and written early on, it is the latest years of his life that RBK captures, and allows us in to view his journey.  For, it is in the last few years that he starts waking up to a new way of living.  All his life he has felt that something was missing, off kilter maybe, a longing to find that something else always hovering below the surface, he needed the bigger picture. Plagued with questions like – What is my purpose, why do I live and what is truth, plummeted the author into not one, but two ‘dark night of the soul.’  This in turn set him into a world of searching and discovery. RBK had been living a solitary life for a long time when he came to a pivotal crossroads at the age of 59, when he met Theresa.  Could she be his Twin Flame? In his endeavors to find answers, he comes across a book by Sylvia Brown that was to have a lasting effect on him. Author RBK explains how he found meaning in his dreams and saw signs, which might have previously been missed.  Here, we have an introduction into meditation and receiving guidance from angels. This is a gentle read, the author’s calm personality resonates through the pages giving us a thoroughly enjoyable look into the life of a man on the road to discovery.  I look forward to finding out what happens next!

B. K. writes with flair, making this an easy-to-read book with a natural narrator’s aura. My Life, My Story, My Journey and A Tall Tale by RBKis an extraordinary, relaxing and interesting read and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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