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Soul Seeker by Kaylin McFarren
Series: Gehenna
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Alt="soul seeker"Soul Seeker (Gehenna – Book 1) by Kaylin McFarren

Soul Seeker by Kaylin McFarren

Crighton Daemonium arrives in the peaceful town of Lochton, Illinois, searching for wicked souls to add to his count. Benjamin Poe, a devoted husband, father and firefighter, finds himself in a battle of wills against this evil, manipulating demon, while protecting his only son. Ultimately, Poe is tricked into committing murder and Crighton is rewarded with the soul he was sent to retrieve. Following Poe’s execution, Crighton continues his dark malevolent duties, until he’s kidnapped by members of The Sovereign Sector. This group of scientists, notorious for experimenting on supernatural creatures, forces Crighton into a soulmate relationship with the very angel he was sent to capture for the King of Hell, Lucifer. With secrets revealed, darkness rules and loyalties shift. The demonic soul-seeker soon becomes the target of Lucifer’s revenge, and his journey to redemption and freedom—or eternal enslavement—begins.

Book review:

Soul Seeker (Gehenna) by Kaylin McFarren takes you on an astonishing journey, following a demon and an angel, as they race to learn the truth about their unimaginable bond and risk their lives to preserve the balance between Heaven and Hell. 

Lucifer’s chief soul collector, Critovich Daemonium a.k.a. Crighton, is really good at his job. Charged with tracking down and bringing the souls of sinners to Hell, Crighton finds ways to amuse himself by tricking even good souls into committing heinous acts that will then bring them under his control. Throw in the enjoyment of reaping the occasional angel soul and it seems as though Crighton has everything a demon could ask for. Then the unthinkable happens – he’s captured by humans and thrown into an observation room with the beautiful angel, Ariel. As extraordinary events begin to unfold, it quickly becomes apparent that everything that Crighton thought he knew about himself is a lie. Fighting a forbidden attraction to Ariel, Crighton needs to figure out who he really is and who he can trust, before it’s too late for both of them. 

This book has a lot to offer readers of the paranormal genre, with forays into thriller, romance, adventure and fantasy styles. This book keeps you on your toes by surprising and delighting you with remarkable plot twists. Just when you think you have things figured out, the author takes you in a fresh exciting direction. The characters are vibrant and complex, and it’s satisfying to watch as they learn more about their unique story and work to overcome their differences. I enjoyed the effort that the Kaylin McFarren put into the transformation of the characters from the sinister beginning of the novel to the satisfying end. 

With an unexpected, fast-paced plot and fascinating characters, Soul Seeker will keep you turning pages until the very end. Soul Seeker (Gehenna) by Kaylin McFarren comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews! As one of ABR’s favorite authors, Kaylin McFarren has written another incredible story that readers will totally love and totally devour!! Book reviewed by D.L. Smith for Artisan Book Reviews.

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