MacGuffin by John F. Mollard & Roy C. Booth – Book Review

by John F. Mollard, Roy C. Booth
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Hollywood, California, August 2005.The double murder of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and his fiancee leaves LAPD homicide detectives baffled. Assigned to assist in the investigation, FBI Special Agent Haley Murch has a theory— were the slayings a copycat of the 1969 Manson murders or were they the work of somebody else altogether, someone elusive? For the past six years, she had researched the exploits of a notorious serial killer the media had come to call “The Hollywood Walk of Fame Killer” – a killer whose calling card matched those left behind at the crime scene.To solve this mystery, it will take the LAPD’s lead homicide detective’s obsessive knowledge of Hollywood film history, his team’s elite investigative skills, and Agent Murch’s masterful profiling ability to thwart this serial killer.


MacGuffin by Roy C. Booth and John F. Mollard is a compelling thrilling novel which transports the reader to 2005 Hollywood. MacGuffin, an aspiring actor with a talent for acting but a distinct lack of tinsel town looks, struggles to find work that will lead him on the road to stardom. With unexpected twists and turns, intriguing characters and a great plot, MacGuffin is, without doubt, a must read 5 star novel.

When a series of murders takes place by an apparent serial killer, and one of those victims is the star in a movie in the process of being shot, MacGuffin comes up with a unique idea that will land him the starring role. Finally, he gets his chance to show his acting ability, and he shines. But the killer is still on the prowl and seeking revenge against those from his past. MacGuffin unwittingly becomes involved with the LAPD and FBI as they hunt the killer and the bodies stack up.

This is a whirlwind of a novel that will have you rooting for MacGuffin and the group of law enforcers and despising the killer and his little band of renegades. The authors, Roy C. Booth and John F, Mollard have created some great characters that stir all the negative and positive emotions in the reader.  The Hollywood world at its worst is revealed, where egos and arrogance abound and actors with real talent but no looks will never make it. MacGuffin is the perfect epitome of the latter, yet the clever storyline keeps the reader wondering, and an exciting finale will leave you quite breathless.

Well written, authentic language, good plot locations, and a little ripple of humor will keep you engrossed to the last page. MacGuffin is a character that shines and will suit a follow-up novel or even a great series. A great story with an ending to surprise, this is a very expressive visual book that paints the scenes in the mind as they unfold. Sit back and prepare for the ride. MacGuffin by John F. Mollard & Roy C. Booth comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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ComedyCrime & Detective FictionHorrorNoirRomanceSerial Killer ThrillerSuspenseThriller
Pages: 283
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