Easing Distractions by Gabrielle F. Culmer

by Gabrielle F. Culmer
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Alt="Easing Distractions"Easing Distractions by Gabrielle F. Culmer

Amelie is enjoying her busy life in Knightsbridge with Lars, her husband of three years. She owns a property consultancy firm in London, and Lars is the senior partner of his legal practice. Her idyllic life is filled with family, work, friends, and love, and Amelie has no desire to exchange it for anything.

When Amelie and Lars are faced with new developments regarding the attempted heist of the family’s art collection, they unearth more uncertainty surrounding her late mother’s business dealings. As new leads take them down a shadowy path, an unexpected illness in the family causes more fear and challenges Amelie’s perspective on life. While she envisions a summer of galas, sporting events, and long walks, details emerge from an old case that haunt her happiness. After she is whisked away to an exclusive island, she finds comfort in Lars and her loved ones. But everything changes when an old, mysterious family acquaintance appears in London to assist in solving the case. Now Amelie must decide whether to continue relying on her dependable partner or turn to the unknown for solace.

Easing Distractions is a story about trust, hope, and reconciliation as a young entrepreneur attempts to juggle and overcome her many professional and personal obstacles.

Book review:

Gabrielle F. Culmer’s heart-warming literary novel, Easing Distractions, follows a mystery that involves an influential family whose members are bound by love and loyalty. This is positively an original, absorbing page-turner.

Margaux Mullbury’s family is still reeling from her untimely death. Her daughter Amelie now owns a property consultancy and sustainable lifestyle firm in London. Amelie, now three years into her blissful marriage, enjoys a beautiful life filled with parties, family, and travel. Her husband Lars, is now a senior partner at his legal firm. A recent attempted robbery of her family’s art collection, however, threatens to shatter Amelie’s world again, since the death of her mother. As the target of the dangerous gang, Amelie is forced to watch her every step and retreat from public life. Meanwhile, her uncle Lance is battling life-threatening health issues. Amidst the uncertainty and fear, Amelie grows stronger as she learns to develop her business while handling personal affairs.

As the family works to solve the mystery surrounding the attempted theft of the art collection, the plot becomes even more suspenseful. New information is brought to the surface. What began as a straight-forward case spins into a perplexing conspiracy involving a dangerous gang. The scenic backgrounds of Lars and Amelie’s retreats balance their fast-paced lives in Knightsbridge. Amelie is a well-developed likable main character. Even with her family’s wealth, she works hard to build her own business and also grows from her loss. Her marriage to Lars is a happy one but also realistic. Lance’s frightening illness adds another suspenseful twist to the novel. Apart from trying to solve the mystery, his family is also worried about his state. The family’s bond is strong and inspiring as they help each other navigate anything that they face.

With interesting and engaging characters, an intriguing, suspenseful and clever plot, Easing Distractions by Gabrielle F. Culmer is a delightful read which weaves a confounding mystery in its characters’ idyllic lives. Book review written by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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