The Mystery of Thomas Thormes by Davide Deidda – Book Review

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The Mystery of Thomas Thormes by Davide Deidda


Have you ever doubted dreams can come true?

If you believe that dreaming is only an illusion, live the story of Thomas Thormes.

Find out what lies behind the childhood of the famous Seattle banker.

An incredible journey through affections, awareness, changes…and an important secret to hide.

Book Review:

The Mystery of Thomas Thormes by Davide Deidda is a fascinating novella, wrapped in mystery with an underlying touch of fantasy that will have you completely captivated, and longing for more.  It was a real pleasure to read and review this book.

A quiet young boy strikes up a friendship with an old man from down town Seattle.  As Lambert offers sweets and stories of days gone by, Thomas Thormes gets caught up in the wonder of an era that has come and gone.  He soon discovers that it was his own grumpy father, Theodore Thormes who headed this golden era bringing wealth into the neighborhood. Could the worn out man, he knows as his father, ever have been the shining light of a golden age of prosperity?  With an inquisitive mind Thomas sets out to learn all he can, even if that means sneaking into his parents cupboards.  A dream to restore wealth to the Queen Ann Hill area of Seattle is placed in Thomas after he learns that his father once owned a silk factory and was a well-loved and respected member of society.  He carries that dream with him all through his school age and up until becoming a young man.  A chance encounter brings a man called John McCrawley into his life; the two become firm friends and set out to build themselves an empire within the world of banking.

This book is full of little gems that made me feel like I was on a treasure hunt.  Theodore was lulled by that destroyer of life – gambling, and at one stage I thought it was going to be a case of like father like son.  Happily I was wrong.  Thomas seems to have both his head and his heart in the right place.  But is he blessed or cursed?  Is it his hard work and determination that pays off, or is something magical influencing his life?  I feel a second book is needed to fully understand all the mysterious secrets in play. The well-developed characters are remarkable bringing this incredible captivating story to life.

Davide Deidda has created a charming tale of hopes and dreams that was a pleasure to read and review, an intriguing short story that will have you wanting more.  The Mystery of Thomas Thormes by Davide Deidda is recommended to all fans of unusual stories and lovers of mystery, by Artisan Book Review. ~Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews & Promotions.

The Mystery of Thomas Thormes by Davide Deidda
on October 28, 2019
Genres: Magical RealismMysterySuspenseTeens FictionThrillerYoung Adult
Pages: 173
Format: KindlePaperback
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