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BASH by Mike Bartos
Genres: Psychological Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover, Kindle, Paperback
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BASH – A Novel by Mike Bartos 

Ashley Roper, Gulf War combat veteran, is now a writer and tabloid publisher in Charleston, SC. The nearby Bay Area State Hospital (BASH) for the criminally insane, is offering up a rich variety of potentially juicy stories including an escaped murderer, a patient released by a jury, the violent death of a staff member, and illicit drugs finding their way through the barbed wire perimeter of BASH.

Ash decides to investigate from the inside, but through a series of unforeseen circumstances, ends up trapped in the hospital as a patient. Ash’s headstrong wife and her lawyer buddy, a roadside cafe owner, a sexy weather gal, a meth tweaking biker, a crooked cop, a homicide detective, and a variety of incompetent bureaucrats cross paths in this engaging and dramatic adventure.

Parts of the story are narrated by hard drinking, blues playing psychiatrist, “Doc” Kerrigan, who lands squarely in the middle of the dilemma.

The Napa Valley Register calls BASH “an enthralling read.”


BASH by Mike Bartos is a well written dramatic suspense, well worth a read.  It’s a riveting psychological fiction novel that keeps you hooked until the very last page.

Heat-filled days in South Carolina can appear sleepy and relaxed, but in the distance hurricane Cleo is building, mirroring the undercurrent of a storm that builds within the state hospital for the criminally insane.  BASH (Bay Area State Hospital) appears to be a container creaking at the seams, getting ready to release a deluge of mishaps that will expose corruption and mismanagement.

There’s a plethora of interesting people that come together in this story as it builds, too many to mention, but they are all charismatic and hold your attention.  Taking the headlines is Ash Roper, a war veteran and author of The Heart of Kuwait.  With book sales that only pay for a monthly meal out, Ash and his wife Sally decide to create a local tabloid called Charlie Town, as a way to continue writing and make a living.  Unfortunately, after a rather successful start the newspaper demands slowly take a dive.  After learning about a murder within the facility, and an escaped patient, Ash in an effort to come up with a gripping story (and infuse the paper’s readers once more) decides to cover a story about BASH.

Going undercover, with the help of security officer Dawkins, Ash gets admitted into BASH to take a close look at what’s going on.  The unexpected happens, and a stay that was meant to last a day becomes much longer, ending in a fight for his life against nature.

Mike Bartos writes with an accomplished flair resulting in a relaxed read, his words flow easily creating memorable and engaging characters.  Gritty and very realistic, BASH by Mike Bartos is highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book review by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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