The Loop by Nicholas Holloway – Book Review

The Loop by Nicholas Holloway
Published by JPM Publishing Co. on September 27, 2019
Genres: Crime Thriller, Intriguing Twists, Murder Mystery, Suspenseful & Thrilling
Pages: 431
Format: Kindle
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The Loop by Nicholas Holloway


Can you keep a secret?

In the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a freezing snowdrift blankets the June Lake Loop. For months, aspiring novelist Gallagher Finch has not written a single word. To pass the time awaiting inspiration, Gal satiates his boredom with Adderall, Evan Williams, and one call girl too many. On the eve of his twenty-sixth birthday, he indulges in all three…

And when he awakens, he discovers a bloody secret tangled in his bed sheets.

Still grieving from a tragic murder in the family thirteen years earlier, Gal wonders if old enemies are drawing near once again. He begins to process his nightmares, anxiety, and fear the only way he knows how – he writes. Quickly realizing his own story could be the best-seller he has been dying to publish, Gal weaves together the truth of who killed Daphne Castro, but in the process, he discovers the story that could launch his career may very well be his own deadly ending.

Family becomes foe, dark secrets resurface, and blood can be found on more than one pair of hands.


The Loop by Nicholas Holloway is an intriguing, thought-provoking and thoroughly engaging read. Once I started reading this story, I literally could not stop reading it. Honestly, this is the best book I have read in a long time.

The Loop by Nicholas Holloway introduces Gallagher Finch, an aspiring writer who just can’t come up with the perfect storyline for his part-written novel. It is only as his own world becomes somewhat surreal that he realizes he is living the ultimate plot for a bestseller. His mother murdered when he needed her most, his father in jail, his brothers resentful, and his love-life confined to call girls, Gal’s only confidante is his sister, and his only love happens to be his own brother’s girlfriend. Haunted by distant memories and plagued by feelings of inadequacy, Gal’s dreams spiral into incomprehensible nightmares when his latest call-girl companion is found gruesomely murdered in his bed. As he tries to make sense of the bedlam surrounding him a hidden piece of paper reveals a truth that rocks his world and causes him to doubt everything and everyone around him.

There is so much to this story. The Loop is not just a mystery, but intrigue on every page, surprise in every chapter, and characters that are so believable they release feelings of anger, of resentment, of emotion, and of despair in the reader. From the first page the reader is captivated by Gallagher Finch and is drawn into the life of this handsome younger brother who has lost his way and finds solace in the bottom of a glass. The author, Nicholas Holloway, has a spectacular command of the written word, painting pictures with his descriptions, such as ‘syrupy streaks of blood’, and perfectly describing Gallagher as ‘teased by his memories’.  He transports the entrapped reader into a snowy world in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, and just when it seems the mysteries have been solved, they are whisked away in another direction that seems just as plausible in its scenario, and then catapulted down another road of intrigue.

The ending of this story is both shocking and perfection combined. Truly a gem of a novel and a rising talent of an author, The Loop by Nicholas Holloway will keep you mesmerized from the first line to the very end. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. ~ Proudly reviewed by Jane Finch for Artisan Book Reviews.

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