The Very Rude Toytoise by Peter Lynas – Children’s Book

The Very Rude Toytoise by Peter Lynas
Published by Made-Up Books on September 16, 2019
Genres: Action, Adventure, Ages 2-6, Animal Fiction, Children's Books, Kids-Lit
Pages: 44
Format: Paperback
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The Very Rude Toytoise by Peter Lynas (author) – Andy Gray (Illustrator)


A tortoise? A tortoise? But this book is about a toytoise. A very rude toytoise in fact. A toytoise who lived his life in a rush with no consideration for the other animals in the forest. A toytoise who caused trouble wherever he went. A toytoise who never stopped. That is, until one day he needed some help, and was taught a valuable lesson in life by the kind and gentle Mr. Bear. Join Mrs. Rabbit, Mr. Blue Bird, Mrs. Spider and Mrs. Squirrel in a laugh out loud story that adults and children alike will want to read again and again.


The Very Rude Toytoise by Peter Lynas is an exciting, fun and adventurous story for young children, which will teach them to be kind, respectful and aware of others around them. With its meaningful message and dazzling illustrations, artfully created by Andy Gray, this story is a must read for every child and will instill the importance of proper behavior while being fully entertained and delighted at the same time.

An absolutely adorable and quirky story about a “beautiful and sunny day in the forest” and all the peaceful woodland animals going about their daily business. When all of a sudden…! Something very fast and in a very big hurry comes racing through! From smashing through Mrs. Rabbit’s carrots to wrecking Mrs. Spider’s web, a TOYtoise makes quite the ruckus in the forest. When finally Mr. Bear gets knocked out of his chair, he puts the rude and careless TOYtoise on a time-out to think about all the grief he had caused. And boy does the rude TOYtoise realize what he has done when he is unwound and cannot move!

The Very Rude Toytoise by Peter Lynas is a wonderful and easy to understand story about the importance of good manners and being polite to the others around us. Such a great and fun way to teach young ones to slow down and take their time, which in turn is being perceptive and aware of all that is around us and respecting personal space. An excellent lesson in being kind and courteous to our neighbors, an enjoyable read for anyone and everyone!! Its beautiful illustrations are very eye-catching with bright and vibrant colors, attractive and pleasing to its young reader’s eyes. My kids loved the whimsical drawings of the many woodland animals and were inspired to draw their own!!

Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The Very Rude Toytoise by Peter Lynas to all that are looking for a cute and pleasant book with an important message for the littles and a great reminder for the adults! Adored this one!
Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Artisan Book Reviews

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