Dinner At Dragon’s House by Barbara Jean Nagle

by Barbara Jean Nagle
Genres: Adventure, Children's Books, Inspirational, Kids-Lit
Format: Paperback
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Dinner At Dragon’s House by Barbara Jean Nagle (Author), Ruben Torres (Illustrator)


A most wonderful story of friends helping friends. This story shows that friends stay friends even if they are not perfect. The illustrations are beautiful. Parents and children will love reading this book.


Dinner At Dragon’s House by Barbara Jean Nagle is a fantastic whimsical tale that will enchant young readers as they eagerly follow along. This beautifully written and illustrated story transports children on an alluring journey along with all of the wild animals in the land who are diligently working together to relay an important message for a very majestic and powerful creature of the animal kingdom!

A tale of a beautiful dragon named, Stardragon, and her plan to invite her dearly missed and beloved sister, Jacqueline over for dinner. She tells the rat Trevor, in exchange for leftover food, he is to go to her sister and give her the message that she is invited to dinner Monday night at 6 pm. Well, Trevor being the lazy rat he is, passes the message along to Greg the Buffalo!! As the story moves along, Stardragon’s message passes to each new creature before it finally reaches her sister. From tigers to snakes to goats, gallivanting all over the land to get an important message across, Dinner At Dragon’s House is the perfect fantasy story for any child ready to explore a delightful gem with their open imaginations! The illustrations are bright and vivid and also very intricate. They are very eye-catching and inspiring for the reader to look upon. All of the colorful pictures help to tell this charming and charismatic tale, as well as, making this story a fun and classic “telephone” type plot!

Dazzling many young readers for years to come, Dinner At Dragon’s House by Barbara Jean Nagle is a total upcoming classic! A great read for ages 6 and up, it’s an engaging, captivating story that teaches children how an important message can be changed and lost. Highly recommended for every child’s bookshelf.
Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for ABR

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