Ghosters – Diana Corbitt – 5 Star Book Review

by Diana Corbitt
Published by Bedazzled Ink Genres: Children's Books, Mystery, Paranormal, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="ghosters"Ghosters by Diana Corbitt


One day, Theresa’s mom dies.

The next, money problems force her family out of their home.

Life has definitely taken a downward turn for the twelve-year-old. But then she meets Kerry, and their friendship quickly grows.

Although obsessed with the paranormal, Kerry has never seen a real ghost. But when she hears how the powdered sugar Theresa had been combing the kitchen to find just magically flopped out of the cupboard she’d already looked in three times, she proposes they solve both their problems by entering the Ghosters video contest.

And why not?

Kerry has the ghost hunting equipment, and after seeing the dining room curtains close in front of them, Theresa and her autistic brother, Joey, know their new house is definitely haunted.

So, we’ve got three kids exploring a creepy old mansion. What could happen?

A lot.

That’s just the beginning of this paranormal mystery series.


Ghosters by Diana Corbitt is an entertaining, suspenseful, creepy and engaging mystery and ghost story that children will revel in and, be unable to put down. The story follows a young girl, Theresa, whose mother has recently passed away. Along with her autistic brother, Joey, they are forced to move into their deceased grandparent’s ancient, huge and boring house. The neighbors believe the house to be haunted, but the kids don’t believe in ghosts. They are disheartened by their situation. That is until, things take a turn when Theresa meets a new friend, Kerry. And, Kerry does believe in ghosts, and has accumulated much ghost hunting equipment. When creepy unsound occurrences begin to happen in the old house, the kids decide to enter the Ghosters video contest. That’s when they start to discover that this old house is not that boring and could really be haunted after all. What ensues is a suspenseful, chilling and eye-opening adventure for these three kids.

Ghosters by Diana Corbitt is a fantastic, suspenseful read for children that love the paranormal and ghosts. It is well written, easy to read and flows nicely. It explores the hardships of losing a parent, childhood struggles, the difficulties, beauty and importance of friendship and autism. This book is intended for children ages 9-12 and grades 4-7, but as an adult, I found it to be fun, engrossing and overwhelmingly entertaining.

Ghosters is thought provoking, humorous and captivating, as well. With surprises around every corner, these three kids are on quite a journey and adventure. It is an exciting tale about ghosts, mystery, friendship and adventure. There are family secrets to be discovered, along with self-discovery. This book held me mesmerized from the first chapter to the very satisfying end that has a shocking twist. I was always intrigued and wanting to know what I would discover next. What would happen next? What would the children find next? What will happen to them? Ghosters by Diana Corbitt is definitely one of the best children’s mystery, suspense and paranormal books I have ever read. It is so much more than just a ghost story. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends it. Children will love it. Get your child a copy, you won’t be disappointed and they will certainly be delighted.

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