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Alt="book promotions"1. Book Promotion (with or without book review)

Artisan Books will professionally review your book and make it shine. Then, we will execute a series of highly effective “targeted” marketing campaigns which will help to increase your book sales substantially and multiply your readership base. We are an award winning website for the visual, exceptional content and reader appreciation categories. We have many excellent author testimonials expressing their appreciation and success of the services we have effectively provided for them and their book(s).


  1. We will post your book and review on our popular active website, numerous book related websites and on all of the most popular social media networks. We own and operate 6 Twitter profiles, 6 Facebook profiles,  2 Pinterest profiles, 2 Instagram profiles,  2 Goodreads profiles, Bookbub, Linkedin, Tumbler,  – where we have numerous dedicated followers on each one, and which we will promote your book on for over a minimum of 2 months. We also collaborate with other prominent popular book related social media platforms which have numerous followers, and we will have them feature, post and tweet your book, as well. (always with a purchase link included)

2.        We will post and publish your book, with a purchase link, to several notable, popular and prominent online book related websites, news and magazines sites, book forums and clubs, book libraries, readers blogs and more- all in which we are contributing and guest writers for. We will add your book cover, synopsis, our book review and a purchase link, to many esteemed book sites worldwide. 

We will have your book tweeted out to more than 1M followers from various prominent book related websites.

EMAIL BLAST: Artisan Books will send out an email blast to our numerous email subscribers of readers- all featuring and marketing your book cover, synopsis and our captivating book review, including a purchase link where readers can instantly buy your book.

We  can also help you out by sending you several links to where you can fill out and submit free author interviews that will be published on various prominent websites, which will help you get your name out there in the reading community, to accelerate your author platform, and build your author brand.

Combined, all of our extensive efforts and the sites that we will market your book on, adds up to millions of followers and readers. Therefore, creating excitement and keen interest in your writing and book(s), which often results in frequent and numerous book sales. All of these published marketing posts are “permanent,” with the capability of bringing in increasing book sales long after your marketing campaign has been completed.

AUTHOR VISIBILITY – Expert positioning to key media outlets

The more sites your book is featured on, the more of a strong online presence you will have and the more books you will sell, we will do that hard work for you.


Along with our posts and publications, we will always include a link back to where readers can buy your book and read your book reviews.

2. Advertise Your Book Under our “Featured Favorites” on our Home Page 

We will feature your book cover on every page of our website on the right sidebar under “Featured Favorites,” with a link to where readers can purchase your book immediately. Our authors have had great success by advertising their books on the sidebar of our website.
Key Positioning.

3. Be a featured author on our “Author Spotlight” page

We will feature you with your author bio, your picture (or your book cover, whichever you prefer), all of your books, your website and all of your social media links. It will be a permanent page which will never be removed from our website. We will link to the other books that we have reviewed for you, so your own personal page with all your books and reviews will come up. We will include your book trailer (if you have one) and any other pertinent links to other websites in which you have had author interviews, or write ups about you, including featuring your awards.

4. Be a “Favorite, or Best Selling, Author”

Placement is on our right hand sidebar of every single page of our website with a picture of you (or book cover) and a link to your Amazon book page or your website (whichever you prefer).

5. Extensive Author & Book Marketing Campaign

For our authors that want to take their book marketing efforts to the next level. With this campaign, we go beyond our regular social media and book promotion package. We do an extra and more extensive marketing of you and your book. Along with our extensive 2 month social media promotion, we blast and post your book with a purchase link to many more, various and prominent book related websites, magazines, clubs, forums, news and reading groups, book blogs, book libraries and book stores worldwide.

Note: Our extensive marketing package also includes a SERIES of Email campaigns, blasting, featuring and marketing you and your book with your book cover, synopsis, our review of your book and a purchase link for readers to immediately buy your book. We can also feature awards, add book trailers and your social media profile links to our email campaign for you.

NOTE: When we run an Email campaign for an author and book, the email will not feature any other books or authors. The Email will, exclusively, feature you and your book alone.
Finally, we do have many requests for reviews and marketing and a waiting list, so contact us immediately for more information on our marketing process, and to have us answer any questions or special requests that you may have. We are here, and extremely motivated, to help with the success of you and your book(s).

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Run Down of Services-Contact us for our affordable pricing

  1. Book Review with Promotion – Package
  2. Book Promotion (without book review)
  3. Featured Author Page (This is on our “Author Spotlight” page)
  4. Advertise & Feature your book on every single page of our websiteYour book will be featured under “Favorite, or Best Selling, Books” on the right hand sidebar of every single page of our website.
  5. Be a “Favorite & Featured Author of the Month” on our “Favorite & Featured Author” of the month” is on the right hand sidebar of every single page on our website.
    Includes a comprehensive marketing campaign for you and your book on numerous, highly popular and prominent, book related websites (as mentioned above), extended and effective social media promotion, and a series of Email campaigns, which will feature you and your book.
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