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Kids Lit Book Cafis an award-winning children’s book and literary website that is highly popular among parents, teachers and many of the most prominent children’s book industry professionals. Along with writing you a professional impressive book review, we perform effective book promotion campaigns that will successfully give your children’s book the powerful, strong push it deserves into readers hands. Our range of plans are designed to put your children’s book, aimed at any age group, into the spotlight by enlarging your readership base, magnifying your author visibility, successfully increase book sales and gain excellent, 5-star Amazon reviews.”

Powerful captivating book reviews using strong, powerful words that create excitement and interest in your kids lit book to make it shine and stand out from the rest.

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 Chick Lit Cafe Book Reviews & Author Marketing

Authors: To submit your book for qualification for a book review and/or book promotion, feel free to contact Chick Lit Café Author Services today! Featured author spotlight pages,  book reviews, book promotion, author marketing, author interviews, email marketing campaigns and more!
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Read Chick Lit Cafe’s author testimonials and success stories here.
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