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The Gotten by Rob Tucker
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No one knew about the doorbell until the news story of the boys’ mysterious disappearance.

If certain people couldn’t own the doorbell or if it rejected them, they wanted to destroy it and the boys behind it, calling it a hoax.

Ivor and Inge Borg have been tracking Astrid Sims, who has escaped from the ancient Norse myth as Skuld, the weaver of the future, fate and destiny of humankind. She’s the norn of the future. Urd of the past and Verdandi of the present. Ivor and Borg need her return so they can continue to spin the threads of life and decide the fate of all human beings. Skuld was reborn and escaped into a new childhood existence. She emerged as a teenager in the 1950s and later as a wife and mother in an American heartland town.

The Borgs recruit disappointed miracle seekers. When they threaten the boys to force Astrid’s / Skuld’s return, much to the anguish of their parents, their sons have to disappear. Accused of being a witch and a demon, Astrid spirits the boys into the future. They don’t find what they expect and they don’t like what they find.

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The Gotten by Rob Tucker is a mystical fantasy, exploring time travel and debating fate, destiny and self-awareness choices.  From Wicca to Norse myths this YA novel is packed with mystery and intrigue.  A fascinating read!

The 1950s are expertly captured within a few choice words and descriptions, bringing this unique and intelligent story alive.  In walks Astrid, vivacious and definitely odd!  The four friends really don’t want anything to do with her, but she’s set her mind on becoming their friend.  In an endeavor to capture both their imagination and friendship, Astrid brings an old doorbell to their tree house, fondly referred to as, the fort.  Spinning her tales of Wicca spells and Norse mythology it is hard for them to determine whether she really is Skuld (the norn of the future) or whether she’s just plain bonkers!  A trip into the future turns their world upside-down.  Does a glimpse into the future reflect on the life decisions the four friends make?   Ivor and Inge are on a mission to make Astrid return to Asgard, and to help their plans they enlist people to help trap Astrid, people who tried their hand at the magical doorbell and were disappointed when nothing happened. 

Rob Tucker is a master storyteller, with compelling characters, gripping plot and a fast-pace; he has you hooked from beginning to end.  This high-brow, exceptional, urban fantasy comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.  Buy The Gotten today to explore the unknown and go on an adventure of a lifetime! Book reviewed by Ellery Alouette for Artisan Book Reviews.

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