Manifestation by Rob Tucker

Manifestation by Rob Tucker
Series: Black Spiral Book 2
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Alt="Manifestation by Rob Tucker"Manifestation (Black Spiral Book 2) by Rob Tucker

Simonetta Vespucci escapes from the power of Hiram Bean, her dark energy creator. Due to a feminine mutation in her spiritual programming, she challenges him.

Disguised in the persona of Bernadette Garcetti, Simonetta’s rogue dark spirit, interacts with her targets and transfers them from their reality into hers. At the point of being murdered, they reappear in their original reality.

Her personal mission of sabotage and destruction catches the attention of the FBI and brings Leon Saffulo, a profiler, to the case. When technology cannot explain the phenomenon, he reluctantly works with a retired magician, Maximilian Schultz, who takes him into the simulated individual module (SIM) world, the creation of virtual life from dark energy.

Bernadette Garcetti is a Wall Street banker’s executive secretary whose life is mired in distortions of subjective social reality. Through Bernadette’s perceptions and psychological issues, she uses Simonetta as a facet of her imagination and strategically selects her targets according to their social and illegal crimes.

Bernadette and Simonetta confront the assassin spirit, Mars Livingston, and Simonetta’s creator, Hiram Bean, whose goal is to destabilize the world social order. Simonetta sabotages his plans. He believes her programming is reversed. She is supposed to persecute “innocents”. Instead she has become a spiritual vigilante. In their attempts to terminate her, Hiram and Mars discover she is hiding in the person of Bernadette. When Mars tries to kill her, she escapes into Simonetta’s digital world and the realm of her own imagination.

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In Rob Tucker’s multi-layered, exciting science-fiction workManifestation, reality and magic merge as evil forces try to take over the planet resulting in a chilling string of perplexing murders.

Masquerading as an executive billionaire, darkness immortal Hiram Bean controls a medical research and development division that discovered a black spiral DNA structure that links humans to the universe’s dark energy. Hiram’s corporation, First World, is reawakening the DNA structure in humans most responsive to it. But one of Hiram’s creations, Simonetta, goes rogue and starts to eliminate the humans that the corporation is using to further its goal of destroying and replacing human societies with dark energy.

Manifestation immerses the reader into a thrilling trail involving different entities. First World Corporation works to stop Simonetta by trying to kill Bernadette Garcetti, the human Simonetta is inhabiting while Bram Vernon, a former researcher at First World, focuses on countering the corporation’s mission. An electrifying mystery emerges when a string of murders associated with Bernadette surfaces. Detectives struggle to solve the confounding crimes without clues to guide them. In each sub-plot developed, satisfying twists arise as the novel follows the murder victims’ lives and the actions that lead to their demise. Tucker skillfully portrays the story’s complex setting, threading real current political and social issues into the plot. The result is that the story feels natural with a background that is similar to the real world. The work deftly blends the characters’ lives with fantasy.  First World Corporation is disguised as a multinational company that gradually infiltrates society. The spiritual world collides with the natural as the corporation tries to take over the world’s systems. Below the plot’s surface, a lovely love story develops as Bernadette and Bram struggle to survive against the dark forces that pursue them.

In Manifestation, the second exhilarating installment in the Black Spiral Series, Rob Tucker delves into complex themes while masterfully melding fantasy with the real world. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Manifestation by Rob Tucker.

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