The Case Files of Doctor Arthur Lyons – Dr. William Anderson

by Dr. William Anderson
Genres: Crime & Detective Fiction, Forensics, Medical Fiction
Format: Kindle

Alt="the case files of doctor arthur lyons"The Case Files of Doctor Arthur Lyons: Medical Examiner (Volume Book 1) Dr. William Anderson


There was a day in the early times of the invention of the medical examiner where this esteemed doctor and pathologist held the job of declaring people dead. Nowadays it is much different. Not only does he affirm time of death, he is involved with the entire community of law enforcement officials, their politics, as well as the many different agendas they hold.

The cases of Dr. Lyons will show you the different hats a medical examiner must wear during a single case on the street, in his office, and in the courtroom.


The Case Files of Doctor Arthur Lyons: Medical Examiner by Dr. William Anderson is an extraordinary book that gives readers an upfront and close look at the intriguing methods and job of the modern day medical examiner, and their vital role to help solve mysterious deaths.

The Case Files of Doctor Lyons features three thrilling and fascinating tales of unexplained death cases that are under investigation. Reader’s hearts will race, as they read about these unexplained deaths, the many unexpected elements that are revealed, the twists and turns and the ultimate findings. This novel is written with authenticity by an experienced medical examiner. It is filled with the essential, and very best elements that mystery, crime and thriller books require to be exceptional.

I couldn’t put The Case Files of Doctor Lyons down. As I read about the investigations, subsequent autopsies, varying investigations, mysterious discoveries, and the methods and crucial role of the forensic medical examiner, I was so fascinated and enthralled. For each case, that must be solved correctly, the reader receives a clear, concise and detailed scenario of all the intricate aspects, and the roles of the many people involved throughout the entire investigation. There are multiple puzzles to be solved, unexpected and mysterious findings, and complex plots within each of these three remarkable cases.

Each tale and case, expressed in this noteworthy book, has a full and complete backstory, outlining the bizarre circumstances, intense scrutiny, intricate autopsies, unexpected revelations, strange and mysterious findings, the many important roles the medical examiner plays, and finally the surprising resolutions of the cases. The author’s descriptive writing puts the reader on the scene, watching as each story unfolds, and the details of the death and crime are determined.

The Case Files of Doctor Lyons is the most interesting, riveting and gripping medical crime mystery and thriller I have ever read. Dr. William Anderson, brilliantly, brings to light the politics involved and foul-ups of the medical examiners, law enforcement, and investigators. They must properly do their job, critically examine the all the clues concerning the deaths of the individuals, and accurately solve the case to bring justice for the victims.

Dr. William Anderson engages and captivates readers with his outstanding and entertaining novel, revealing the eye-opening medical forensic examiners job, the law enforcement procedures, investigators work and the entire community involved in each case. He has written his book for all to comprehend, and easily understand, such a complex criminal and scientific subject. This is one novel I would gladly read again. It is so enthralling and interesting. I fully recommend this book to all readers that would love to learn about the forensic medical and scientific examiners roles, and their intriguing methods in the office, on the street and in the court room.

Get yourself a copy and escape into a mysterious, thrilling, stimulating and thought-provoking novel. This is the first in the series by Dr. William Anderson, and I am anxiously awaiting his second book to be released. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews!

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