To Unshakable Bliss: A Techie’s Adventure by Serene Rishi

To Unshakable Bliss: A Techie’s Adventure  by Serene Rishi
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Alt="To Unshakable Bliss"To Unshakable Bliss: A Techie’s Adventure by Serene Rishi

Who am I? What is the meaning or purpose of my life? These were the questions that sparked one woman’s extraordinary odyssey to enduring peace. In her gripping debut novel “To Unshakable Bliss,” author Serene Rishi invites you to question the nature of your own identity.

Rishi introduces us to Qayum, a former star in the tech world rebuilding her career as an author of children’s tales. Despite the worldly success, there is a persistent restlessness within Qayum. She struggles to reconcile external validation from work and wealth with inner purpose. The more thrills she chases, the quicker euphoria evaporates.

On a road trip along California’s Pacific Coast, watching ethereal sunsets dissolve into darkness, she comprehends life’s transiency. She realizes the volatility of happiness while on life’s Ferris wheel of random ups and downs. Just then, the plot thickens. Befriending an old classmate in Denmark, Qayum remembers her carefree spiritual childhood self. Her friend’s unwavering faith in an eternal soul inspires Qayum to conduct her own investigations.

She unravels the world’s illusory nature through varied perspectives – from neuroscience, psychology, and Stoic philosophies to the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita. Back on that homeward-bound flight, scientific theories on consciousness are explored, exposing parallel themes from millennia-old scriptures. Profound implications set in – mystical visions across eras and cultures point to a fundamental reality underlying existence itself.

What our ambitious protagonist, and perhaps you too, have sought in relentless pursuits already dwells within. Qayum realizes this ever-present kingdom, once unveiled, holds fulfillment beyond imagination’s scope. The harder question is: how does one remain engaged in life’s theater while rooted in awakened truth?

Join Qayum’s liberating adventures across breathtaking terrains and ancient spiritual tributaries. From Zanzibar’s spice markets to Copenhagen’s quaint cafes to California’s majestic redwoods, uncover fresh joy and wisdom. Alongside vivid global backdrops, treasured contemplations from spiritual and scientific visionaries through history are instilled.

Artisan Book Reviews:

A beautiful tribute to the role of our consciousness, our ego, and our ability to create our own happiness, Serene Rishi has written a masterful guide entitled To Unshakable Bliss: A Techie’s Adventure. 

Written in four parts to help guide the main character, Qayum, through the quest to find meaning in her life, readers will discover the necessary tools for themselves to reach this enlightenment as well.  Qayum discovers not only what is holding her back from true happiness, but she also develops strategies to help herself overcome events or outcomes that seem negative.  Grappling with her own ego, Qayum also finds people that are there to help and support her as well as tools that meet her needs.  While no quest is easy, what Qayum discovers about herself, about the world, and about her own true desires make the journey completely worthwhile.

Pulled from ancient traditions, from renowned philosophers and thought leaders, To Unshakable Bliss: A Techie’s Adventure is a toolkit for anyone looking to find more fulfillment, more happiness, and even a greater sense of themselves.  I loved the mantras built into the storyline as well as the traditional readings and the ancient scriptures that assisted Qayum, but even more, I loved the actual real-world application of what Qayum was experiencing as a real person in the world.  Sometimes ancient teachings are hard to apply to one’s day-to-day life and through Qayum I found so much clarity and understanding.  I loved the tangible examples –especially as a woman myself going through similar adversities—and I thought that the different situations Qayum experiences will be applicable to anyone reading this book.  While the concepts are complex and difficult, Serene Rishi brings them down to a layperson’s understanding easily.  I found clarity especially in the way she intertwined multiple ideas together and had Qayum navigate applying them to her own life.

Written for anyone who’s searching for any kind of greater meaning in the world or in their own lives, To Unshakable Bliss: A Techie’s Adventure by Serene Rishi is perfect. It offers an unparalleled path to embodiment and to a deeper connection with the world, to us, and to others.  Readers of any type will not only walk away with a deeper understanding but also with a profound sense of peace after reading.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Book reviewed by Mary Rosenthal for Artisan Book Reviews.

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Alt="To Unshakable Bliss"

About the author:
Serene Rishi is a pen name for a tech professional based in Silicon Valley. She has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 25 years at major companies like Google and Cisco and a few early-stage start-ups, where she honed her analytical rigor and structured thinking. She was born into a Muslim home, studied at a Catholic school, and married into a Hindu family.

Outside the corporate demands, the author maintains an avid interest in positive psychology, scientific theories of consciousness, and Western and Eastern philosophies. Her existential dilemmas as a modern-day professional seeking tranquility are reflected in her debut novel. She illuminates important connections between science and spiritual teachings for analytical minds seeking practical tools for enduring peace.

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