Restaurants & Tales – Reha Tanör – Book Review

by Reha Tanor

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Reha Tanör’s culinary infused short stories, a new chapter in his journey after his successful multi-faceted life as an entrepreneur, investor, professor and a loving father/husband. The globetrotter digs interesting details up from his rich past inspired by his dining experience at some of the best restaurants in the world from Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills to Modena’s Osteria Francescana.


Restaurants & Tales is a delightful, entertaining and sensory exploration of restaurants and thoughts from an extraordinary man and excellent writer, Reha Tanör. Through his intriguing and amusing short anecdotes, readers will be taken on a culinary and sensual journey filled with colorful places, people and conversations. This book is about food, but more than that it is about the full culinary and dining experience. Reha Tanor states that he is not that curious about food in itself. But, rather the ambiance and all that he can observe and take in. In his book he tells of many extraordinary and enjoyable dining experiences. He shares about the scenery of the restaurant, its atmosphere, the customers, servers, smells, tastes and all the great conversations.

Restaurants & Tales held me captive from the very first page. It is filled with the most interesting stories of the author’s experiences while dining around the world. The people he has met, the conversations and humorous tales will keep readers fully engaged and turning the pages while savoring every word. Reading about these tales are, not only inspiring, but informative as well.

Reha Tanör’s many personal thoughts while dining all over the world will interest and impress readers. This book is magnificent and written with finesse and intelligence. This is a one of a kind book about dining out at exclusive, intriguing and enchanting restaurants worldwide. It is filled with positive philosophical thoughts, gastronomy and the beauty and randomness of life and the dining experience. Reha Tanor has certainly lived a rich, interesting, fulfilling and beautiful life. This book is perfect for those who have a passion for life, dining and travel. Reha Tanör, eloquently shares his impressive, entertaining tales and observations, with a wide range and variety of restaurants and dining places to tell about.

Restaurants & Tales by Reha Tanör is a brilliant, clever book and way to convey the author’s personal perspective on life by combining rich memories with dining experiences from some of the best restaurants around the world. This book is filled with ideas of great restaurants and places to visit and enjoy. A wonderful gem for short story lovers. It is easy to read, fascinating, delightful and a must read 5 star book.

Reviewed by Sofia Rose for Artisan Book Reviews

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  1. I have to get this book. It sounds so good. I love books on food, drink, restaurants and life philosophy. This book sounds like it has it all. What a brilliant author and man. I will be recommending this book to others.

  2. The review of this book makes it sound fabulous. This book is the type that I love to read. It seems like the author, Reha Tanor has had quite the life. An extraordinary life that we all long for. Your book blog is the best one I have yet to find. I have bought many books that have been suggested here and I always love them. Keep up the good work. I am buying this book Restaurants and Tales.

  3. Conversations with interesting people mixed with dining experiences sounds so intriguing and interesting. I would love to know this author. But, instead I will get his book and devour it. thanks.

  4. Great book review and post. This book is going on my TBR list. Quality content is crucial to be a focus for the visitors to visit the site, that’s what this website is providing.

  5. Would love to have a personal conversation with author Reha Tanor. I am definitely buying and reading his book. I am sure I will be inspired. Thank you for this wonderful book review site. I love it!

  6. This sounds like an excellent and intelligent read. The author sounds like he has led a fabulous life. I will be reading this one. Thanks for another great book review and post.

  7. I love books about restaurants, travel and life. Restaurants & Tales is just my kind of book. I love your book reviews and posts. I have bought many books under your recommendations and this one, I will be buying too. Thank you Artisan!

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  9. What a great book! I will be getting this one. Thanks for your fantastic book reviews and recommendations. This is my favorite book site.