I Can’t Believe This! by Carol Cook

by Carol Cook
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I Can’t Believe This!: A Collection of New and Classic Short Stories

Humorous short stories and classic essays, candid observations and complaints on questionable behavior by the masses racing through life. A delightful treat of a book full of embellishments and truths, lighthearted accounting’s, excessive shenanigans, and wise insights on the bumbling, absurd behavior of man-womankind. Carol gives us her take on fake meat, laundry, napping, and fashion statements. Messages both ridiculous and funny is a charming read, breezy, and more truthful than we may want to admit. A fun read to keep or pass on to anyone needing a good laugh, enjoy a bit of gentle humor to elevate a mood, a book that is refreshing and light, certainly entertaining.

Book review:

I Can’t Believe This! by Carol Cook offers a fresh, irreverent commentary about the people and situations that we encounter and struggle with on a daily basis. From the ridiculous (the aluminum foil crisis) to the sublime (the trend for designer luggage), Carol Cook roasts it all with her unique tongue-in-cheek delivery.

The tone for this collection of essays is set from the start, with the quote from Voltaire – “Commonsense isn’t common” and it sure is fun to read about the lack of it! In addition to bemoaning burning issues, such as the death of manners, Carol Cook has written a collection that includes reminiscences from her childhood, my favorites being her wonderful ode to the turkey sandwich and why we should all be cooking with lard. She’s not afraid to get personal, as she tells of her struggles dealing with “sparkalaphobia” and how memory loss can be liberating. And last but not least, author Carol Cook’s opinion pieces will give you a fresh perspective on the foibles of the human race, such as the media’s attempt to create an aluminum foil crisis and the need to throw the book at criminals who had the gall to attempt a “grand theft avocado”.

Aside from the gentle humor of the stories, what I appreciated the most about these vignettes of everyday life was the sense of the familiar. I felt like I could have been sitting on the porch having sweet tea and conversation with my feisty Aunt, as she was telling me about the latest neighborhood gossip or nonsense she heard on the television. As I was reading, I often found myself smiling and agreeing that I, too, hate mosquitoes with every fiber of my being and that “fake food” shouldn’t be a thing. It was refreshing to lose myself in a book that pointed out how ridiculous, yet wonderful, life can be.

I Can’t Believe This! by Carol Cook is an entertaining series of snapshots that give us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves and the craziness around us. If you’re a fan of humorists like Erma Bombeck or Dave Barry, you’ll enjoy this light-hearted book! I Can’t Believe This! by Carol Cook comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by D.L. Smith for Artisan Book Reviews.

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