The Gift of Life: An Epic in Verse by Amanda Hall 

by Amanda Hall
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Alt="the gift of life"The Gift of Life: An Epic in Verse by Amanda Hall 

This is the epic story of Anne Hart,
A girl who thought the world deserved new art.
With inspiration from her lover Sean,
Anne brought about a new poetic dawn.
Not cynical, embittered or morose,
Her poems told the tale of two hearts close;
And as her love gave other people heart,
A brand new Age of Love received its start.

Book review:

Amanda Hall is without doubt an authentic poetess.  The Gift of Life: An Epic in Verse is heart-warming and thought-provoking, a timeless poetical verse of love that is a masterfully written.

What is love, and where does joy spring from?  Can a lonely person, who starts off by seeing only the worse in all who inhabit the earth, have their point of view changed by love?  Is just a glimpse of love enough to carry a person their entire life?  Ms Anne Hart, a writer with an expressive heart, discovers she can.  An encounter of souls was to so rock Anne’s perception of love that it changed her forever.  Sean Hughes, faithful husband, doting father and fellow verse lover, was also to have his world knocked ‘on’ course, when the love through Anne fills his heart.  A moment felt, transpired, blossomed and took root.  That root was love.  That love transformed, morphed, spread, and rippled down generations.  A touch of ink in a bowl of water, forever recreating itself, such was the love that Anne had for Sean, and he for her.  I particularly appreciated the choices that Sean made; I thought it added much depth to this wonderful poem.

The composition flows with ease, and the reader – like a feather blown in the wind – is carried from verse to verse, at once relaxed and yet alert.  Within Anne’s love story is the epic battle between ‘avant-garde’ and his thoughts of Anne’s perception of love, against followers of Anne’s poetry.  It’s cleverly written, astute and emotive touching on love, lust, greed and that ugly beast the quest for money.

Amanda Hall’s expressive verse is crisp, bold, creative and sweeping.  The Gift of Life: An Epic in Verse takes you on a journey of reflection, and this courageous epic poem comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by T N Traynor.

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