Caged Lions Never Roar by Arthur Archambeau

Caged Lions Never Roar by Arthur Archambeau
Published by eXtasy Books Inc on March 18, 2019
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 187
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Caged Lions Never Roar by Arthur Archambeau 


David O’Malley is a former Minor League baseball pitcher turned Anglican Priest who is fed up with the pettiness and hypocrisy of organized religion. He’s conflicted about his priestly vocation. Hannah and David fall in love when they join forces to save two neglected lions from a roadside zoo. But when Hannah’s profession becomes known, the Church orders David to end his relationship with her. Will David choose passion or the priesthood? Can love be a gateway to freedom for two people who are both imprisoned by their own loneliness?

ABR’s ReviewCaged Lions Never Roar by Arthur Archambeau

Caged Lions Never Roar by Arthur Archambeau is a beautiful, meaningful and old fashioned love story with the promise of freedom. The liberty to live, love and be who you were born to be is the theme of this amazing 5 star book.

David and Hannah are an unlikely couple with real chemistry who deeply desire to be with one-another. David is a disenchanted and fed-up minister, while Hannah hates being a stripper at a gentlemen’s club, but she must pay the bills. They have a common love of animals and baseball. They first meet at a shabby roadside zoo where they discover the neglect and poor living conditions for two caged lions, Babs and Bobby. Moved with passion and concern for the animals, together David and Hannah decide to try to save Babs and Bobby, the caged lions who never roar.

Caged Lions Never Roar is a wonderful story about two young people who fall in love at first sight. Their mutual desire to help the caged lions brought them together. But David feels trapped in his own life of being a priest who must deal with the hypocrisy and the politics of the church. Hannah also wants to be free to live the life she desires away from the life of a stripper – who must deal with the harassment of the men at the club. As the story progresses the situation and drama becomes tense, as David and Hannah’s relationship becomes the center of gossip on social media. Eventually, David must make a choice between living the priestly life, or being with the woman he loves – despite her profession and background. Readers will fall in love with these two delightful characters as they desperately fight for freedom for themselves and for the neglected caged lions. This story is sweet, compelling and very thought-provoking.

Arthur Archambeau has done a remarkable job of writing a clever, meaningful tale with a powerful clear message that will pull at the reader’s heart strings. His characters are relatable, likable and well developed, causing readers to root for them throughout the entire story. The descriptive writing brings this story to life with the expressive narration and impressive dialog between the characters.

Caged Lions Never Roar is a well written, fast-paced and captivating romance story with a stirring narrative and satisfying conclusion. Skillfully woven together with imagination and passion, it is one book which contemporary romance readers will love and revel in. A must read page-turner with irresistible characters and a distinctive refreshing storyline, Caged Lions Never Roar by Arthur Archambeau is sure to become a bestseller!

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