Nomoni: No More Nightmares by Andrea Lily

by Andrea Lily
Genres: Adventure, Children's Books, Fantasy, Feel Good Fiction, Inspirational, Kids-Lit
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="nomoni"Nomoni: No More Nightmares by Andrea Lily  (Author), Dee Church (Illustrator)


Farley is afraid to go to sleep at night. He is almost five years old and suffers from awful nightmares. By day he wheezes and coughs and worries. He has a puffer and a toy penguin to help but the bad dreams still come … until a Mevali hound arrives and tells him about Nomoni, the land of No More Nightmares. This is a place somewhere between dreaming and waking where the Mevalis spin sweet dreams and sew joy pillows for themselves and the world below where Farley lives. ….One day the queen of the Mevalis, Shai-Dora, sends two gifts— her M hounds and the Gemma Garden— into the world to help all the unhappy, sick or frightened children who have nightmares. Things have become much worse since Skilverino and some bad Mevali hounds started a war in Nomoni and were thrown down into the world. Now the faithful Mevali hounds must find the children and lead them into the beautiful Gemma Garden where nothing bad or hurtful can enter. Skilverino needs to capture Mevali hounds to steal back the joy and beauty he has lost and leave them cold, thin and hungry, but they are too fast for him. Farley learns how to trust them as he goes to sleep and to follow them across the MH2 Bridge and through the Twisted Silk Gates into a garden of safety and sweet dreams.

This is the first in a series of inter-active books for parents and carers to share with children who regularly experience nightmares or fears at bedtime. The stories are written to be read to young children but also to encourage older ones to love reading for themselves. All age groups are invited to express their imagination by drawing, painting or creating their own stories around the themes of Nomoni.The particular focus in this introductory story is on children who suffer from attacks of asthma, allergies or other breathing difficulties. As the struggles of the day drift into the night hours and bad dreams disrupt sleep the Mevalis from the land of Nomoni are there to help. This gentle bedtime therapy of imagining entering a safe and secure place helped the author as a young child to cope with the traumas of severe asthmatic attacks. Later, using the remembered technique, she was able to give the same relief to a small boy experiencing life-threatening and frightening anaphylactic episodes, often followed by disturbed nights of fearful dreams. Together they created and explored the healing world of Nomoni.

Book review:

Nomoni: No More Nightmares by Andrea Lily is a beautiful, exciting and comforting tale about Farley, a sweet little boy who has terrifying nightmares. Almost five years old, Farley struggles with asthma and allergies. With trouble breathing and frightened to go to sleep at night, Farley dreads the night hour. His mother rushes to his side, helps him with his puffer to breath and reads him a bedtime story. But, Farley is still afraid the nightmares will come as soon as he falls asleep. Mother whispers out a wish for help for her precious little son. Her wish is heard and help is on its way as the night angels from the lovely land of Nomoni catch sweet dreams and joy pillows to bring to children at night. The Mevalis are coming from Nomoni to show the way to Gemma, the beautiful enchanting dream garden where nothing bad can enter. Nomoni means No More Nightmares, and is a land of sweet dreams, safety and joy. But, the tale doesn’t end there, just like in real life, there are enemies that want to steal and destroy.

Nomoni: No More Nightmares is a sensational story that children will love and revel in. The many characters and creatures bring this story excitement, depth and meaning. Some are beautiful and loving and want to only bring sweet dreams, safety, joy and happiness to all the children in the world. While other creatures are bad, selfish and hateful. Children will relate to this unique tale and be comforted while reading a thrilling, captivating narrative. Author, Andrea Lily has created an enchanting, delightful world for children to imagine a safe place, learn to trust and escape their bad dreams, fears and struggles. This book is perfect for little kids that are afraid of the night and sometimes have disturbing dreams. It shows them that in our beautiful world bad things can happen, but in the end, good overcomes evil, and there is help and love with a safe place to be. This is an easy book to read, written with simple words that early readers will have no trouble reading and comprehending.

I read Nomoni: No More Nightmares to my grandchildren and they absolutely loved it. They were so mesmerized by the characters and their activities. In the end they felt safe and were so delighted that the good and loving, Mevalis, angels won the battle. They were excited by the dazzling, charming and artful illustrations. They later drew and painted their own pictures of the enchanting land of Nomini and its magnificent Mevalis angels. Fully recommended for young children, early readers and even older children. Nomoni: No More Nightmares by Andrea Lily is a uniquely creative and fabulous tale for all to read. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews – 5 stars.

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