The 19th Bladesman by S.J. Hartland – Book Review

by S.J. Hartland
Published by Dark Blade Publishing Genres: Action, Adventure, Epic High Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery Fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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The 19th Bladesman (Shadow Sword Series) by S.J. Hartland


His duty is to die young, but fate has something far more lethal in mind

If Kaell breaks, the kingdom breaks with him. And prophecy says the 19th Bladesman will break …

The Bonded Warrior …

Kill. Die young. That’s what a swordsman bonded to the ancient gods does. Without expecting praise from the man who trained him to survive this centuries-old, malignant war against the inhuman followers of an invincible lord. But Kaell wants more. More of Val Arques’ attention, his approval. Just more.

The fire dancer …

Ice lord, spy, Heath never loses a fire dance. Yet he longs to know that thrill of danger down his spine as he kills for his god, to fight a warrior who might, just might be better than him.

The broken …

Val Arques is a bladesman of formidable power entrusted not only with Kaell’s life but with the truth that will destroy him. Banished to a grim outpost of this doomed kingdom of sorcery, poetry and treachery, he cannot afford to care about the young warrior. For love means loss. And Val Arques has a shameful secret …

A kingdom on the edge of chaos …

As a vengeful god escapes his ancient prison and Kaell is drawn into his web of deception, even Val Arques can’t protect him from the dark prophecy awaiting him. Because you can’t flee fate unless you’re willing to do the unthinkable.

Duty and love collide in this powerful epic fantasy about shattering loss, betrayal and the price of power that will enthrall fans of Game of Thrones, Blood Song and the Mistborn trilogy.

If you love dark plots, dark magic and characters with even darker secrets; pick up The 19th Bladesman, first in the sensational Shadow Sword series.

Book Review:

The 19th Bladesman by S.J. Hartland is the first in a new series which promises, and fully delivers an original high fantasy filled with dark magic, gods, heroes and epic adventure in a violent, ancient and elaborate medieval realm.

Ward to lord Vraymorg and bonded to the gods, Kaell is a swordsman that is meant to kill and die young. Kaell is the 19th bladesman, who is out to prove that the ancient prophecy which proclaims his doom to break and fall is wrong. Kaell is a warrior and destined to live his life out by killing ghouls, and desires to prove his worthiness to his mentor Val Arques. In order to fight and survive the age old ongoing war against a malevolent lord and his other-worldly inhuman followers, Val, powerful and skilled, has trained Keall and is entrusted with his life. But, when a malicious god manages to free himself from the prison that restrained him for ages, Kaell is targeted for deception and death. Will Kaell fulfill his duty to protect his Kingdom and the gods, shedding his own blood and falling in doing so? Or will he change his destiny and prove the prophecy wrong?

S.J. Hartland has done a brilliant job of creating a gripping, mystical world and realm filled with vivid detailed description and expressive writing. The setting is a labyrinthine of beauty, dark and mysterious. This isn’t an ordinary everyday fantasy read, but rather an epic high fantasy with intriguing characters, unusual scenarios and storylines intricately woven together to create a novel that will remind readers of some of the very best epic high fantasy books and TV series. Exploring themes of conflict, loyalty and love, The 19th Bladesman will thrill readers while touching on many emotions as well. With well-developed complex characters, readers will feel compelled to think about the mixed morals, motives, actions and natures of the various interesting roles each one plays within the storyline. In a violent and unstable realm, sorcery, gods, magic and heinous, vampire like, ghouls populate this story. This beautiful, yet deadly, ancient world is filled with action, adventure, deceit, betrayal, ghouls, epic battles, sorcery, loyalty and love. This is by far the very best fantasy book I have ever read. It is refreshing to read a novel in the fantasy genre where the author has taken clever risks and ultimately created something brilliant and unique that readers will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish – and certainly never forget.

Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The 19th Bladesman (Shadow Sword series) by S.J. Hartland to discerning readers seeking an exceptional, unique and original epic high fantasy novel in which to experience the ultimate, most enjoyable reading escape.

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