The Good Stuff by Liz Loughlin – Book Review

by Liz Loughlin
Genres: Contemporary, Feel Good Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Women's Fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="good stuff"The Good Stuff (Big Apple Advocacy Book 2) by Liz Loughlin


Diana Marquez is a badass litigator with a heart of gold. She has her hands full trying to protect her biggest client from his own bad judgment and trying to get her traditional parents to accept her gay brother’s upcoming wedding. She’s had her share of disaster dates and #metoo moments, and she’s all but given up on love. When her client is threatened, she is forced to work with Paul Zaccevetti, a cyber liability specialist who has no patience for drama. Sparks fly as they fight to protect Diana’s client and face high stakes battles in the fast paced world of politics and litigation. Can they restore each other’s faith in love?

Book Review:

The Good Stuff by Liz Loughlin is a 5 star, must read, feel good story filled with romance, intrigue and drama that readers will love and revel in. The author’s descriptive and expressive style pulls the reader into this well written story, which is very unique to its genre with its intense, smart and entertaining plot and sophisticated characters.

As the best and brightest lawyer at her firm, Diana Marquez has always been a spark plug. Despite her intelligence and bold tongue, she still has a sweetness to her that will draw you in as a reader. She is dedicated to her job, even when it means dealing with a needy and demanding politician client of hers, Senator Bernard Kalman. He’s being unfaithful to his wife, who is very much in the public eye and known for her glamour and beauty, and someone has incriminating photos. The subplot involving the threats to him is suspenseful, and, despite dealing with a cheating politician, has original and surprising twists.

When it comes to love, Diana has had her share of trouble. When the Senator’s affair is at risk of being revealed, Paul Zaccevetti, a cyber liability lawyer, comes into her life to work with her. They are attracted to each other, but wary. Readers follow their story as they feverishly work together to save her client, while also learning to trust in the process of falling in love.

In addition to the romance, the relationships with friends and family give readers insight into the two main characters. Diana is always there to support her beloved brother, who is soon to be married to his gay partner. The scenes between Diana and her brother are frequently comical, and always demonstrate Diana’s warmth and loyalty. Paul is devoted to and protective of his disabled sister, and his strength and depth of character will make readers love him.

The Good Stuff by Liz Loughlin is an excellent read which will keep readers engaged throughout with the high stakes litigation, politics and alluring romance. The character development is noteworthy and written with much creative and brilliant forethought. With authentic, realistic and interesting personalities, Liz Loughlin’s characters certainly shine bright on the pages of this fabulous book. The storyline is compelling filled with twists and turns, suspense and the promise of love.

Artisan Book Reviews recommends The Good Stuff by Liz Loughlin to all readers that love a great story about strong and powerful women working in the drama filled world of law and litigation, and for those who crave an irresistible, feel good romance, proving that dreams can come true.
Book Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Artisan Book Reviews

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