Not Just a Princess Series by Gavin Leonard

by Gavin Leonard
Genres: Action, Adventure, Children's Books, Inspirational, Kids-Lit
Format: Boxed Set, Hardcover

Alt="not just a princess"Not Just a Princess Series by Gavin Leonard


Our book series offers young girls (and boys) the opportunity to see girls represented in non-traditional roles from the earliest possible age.  Our books, for children 3-8 years old, show that Princesses don’t have to wait for someone to come and save them. Our heroic, female protagonists all have careers like pilots, engineers, vets, mechanics, divers and many more! Non-traditional female careers have been purposely adopted to break the typical gender role we so often see in books, movies, and media. Each of our Princesses have an endearing animal sidekick helping each protagonist in fully colored bright animations that will keep your child entertained throughout the entire series. In each book, our inspirational character, Princess Jade, who is also a pilot, flies around Wonderville with her sidekick, Mr. Monkey, helping other career-minded Princesses solve problems. The whole idea of Princesses waiting for someone to come and save them (usually a handsome Prince) is something that is so prevalent in stories and fairy-tales. We want children to know that they are capable, strong and powerful – and that they don’t have to wait around for someone ELSE to save them, they can do it themselves! This is the first 6 books in a 12 series set. We want to get this series into the hands of as many children as possible and show publishing houses that this style of book and topic is of high interest to parents and children worldwide.

The ethos behind these books was and is to reaffirm for my daughter – and daughters everywhere – that girls can (and SHOULD!) be the main characters in books, films, cartoons and plays as well as in our imagination! I want her to know that girls are strong and willful, that they have opinions, and they can absolutely be leaders in every story. Originally I started writing stories for my daughter; I would show her the pictures, tell her the stories and as the weeks and months went by I changed the details and she never seemed tired of the tales I wrote down for her… but for me it became a little one dimensional, so, I added more characters and more careers, NOW we have an ARMY of Princesses. Each character is a princess from a different area of Wonderville, who has different cultural norms and, most importantly, a different occupation!


The Not Just a Princess series by Gavin Leonard is a delightful, inspirational and adorable set of books for young girls – our very own Princesses – to start thinking about what they want to be when they grow up. Through their easy to read and simple to understand message, these cute and exciting stories encourage and empower all girls, to break the traditional gender roles, in the careers they decide to choose.

Through these extraordinary Not Just a Princess books, we can deliver a strong and vital message to our daughters. They are smart, capable, and brave and have the powerful ability to do any job they desire to do, and ones that are useful within their communities. Girls will learn, and see through the wonderful colorful animations, that they are perfectly capable of doing any type of work, and being anything they want to be in life. They can easily choose careers, which have traditionally been said to be, only suitable for boys.

This marvelous series of children’s books, is set in the charming, energetic and active town of Wonderville. In Wonderville, we have our main character Jade, the Princess pilot, who bravely rushes out in her helicopter to help many of her friends in need of rescue during various emergencies. She heroically and successfully aids: Becca, the Princess mechanic, Katia, the Princess photographer, Jedda, the Princess firefighter, Dakota, the Princess veterinarian, Traci, the Princess detective and Maria, the Princess inventor, who is disabled and has cleverly invented her own special wheelchair, giving her the freedom to move around, and do amazing feats with.

The Not Just a Princess series is filled with exciting episodes, lovable animal sidekicks and diverse cultural characters, each with their own strengths and thrilling non-traditional careers. These girls are all career-minded, motivated and extremely gratified with their careers of choice. These beautifully written, and enchanting pictorial, books will help young girls to begin to think about the many career options they will have when they grow up. They can start dreaming now, and become excited and enthusiastic about their futures.

Not Just a Princess is marvelous and entertaining. The exhilarating and dramatic stories, bright and lively illustrations, and the clear, powerful message, makes this one-of-a-kind children’s series a must for every parent to gift their daughters. I read them to my little granddaughters, and they were ecstatic and fell in love with them. The adventures that the princesses go on to help others in need, is what really excited and fascinated them. The animations and vibrant pictures held them captive. Now, they want the entire series read to them over and over again. Of all the books they have, which is many, the Not Just a Princess series is their very favorite of all.

The Not Just a Princess series is definitely the best set of children’s books I have ever had the pleasure of reading, reviewing and sharing with my granddaughters. The message is so important, and so easy for the girls to understand and grasp hold of.

I highly recommend the Not Just a Princess series by Gavin Leonard to all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to delight, empower and entertain the young girls in your lives.

The Not Just a Princess series by Gavin Leonard receives 5 big enthusiastic stars from Artisan Book Reviews! 

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