Imagining the Unimaginable – Richard Rowe – Book Review

by Richard Rowe
Genres: Inspirational, New Age Nonfiction, Spirituality
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="imagining"Imagining the Unimaginable: A System Engineer’s Journey into the Afterlife by Richard Rowe


Imagining the Unimaginable is an inventor’s journey to answer age-old questions from a modern-day perspective using only first-hand human experiences. When a system engineer and inventor of over one-hundred and twenty US patents analyzes and models the afterlife from only first-hand evidence culled from thousands of Near-death experiences (NDEs) and past-life regression hypnosis sessions, a divine system emerges.

After nearly dying from a blood clot in 2004, author and inventor Richard Rowe began a spiritual journey to answer age-old questions: What happens after we die? Is there an afterlife? Why is there so much suffering in the world? Why do bad things happen to good people?

To answer these questions and many others, Richard uses over thirty years of inventing and system engineering experience to examine insights from first-hand NDEs. When his questions get deeper, Richard must search beyond NDEs for answers. He expands his reference material to the first-hand reports of people under past-life regression hypnosis, then goes one step further and includes insights from personal experimentation with past-life regression hypnosis.

Unlike existing books covering the topics of NDEs and past-life regression, Richard synthesizes a vast amount of first-hand information and develops an overarching model to account for the data using easy-to-understand diagrams and explanations to infer and describe an inventor’s perspective of heavenly realms orchestrating the afterlife.


Imagining the Unimaginable by Richard Rowe is an inspirational, well researched and must read book, which addresses some possible explanations for the afterlife, the purpose of life and our existence. He examines and probes into near death experiences, and the purpose and use of the human soul.

Richard Rowe is a well-educated systems engineer, and inventor with many patents to his name. After a terrifying personal experience, and brush with death, Richard begins a spiritual journey, seeking and attempting to find the answers to many existential questions. With his system engineering and inventor background and expertise, he creates a system and model to get to the bottom of the matter and the answers to life’s questions. He explorers the questions of; what happens after death, why we are here, why do good people experience affliction, why there is so much misery and how should we live our lives. After much examination of the near death experiences, he comes to the conclusion that he must go deeper and utilize other methods to gain more knowledge and understanding to the questions – we all ask. He begins to examine records of first-hand accounts of other people’s past-life regressions and hypnosis findings. Then, he works with a therapist on his own past-life regressions by undergoing hypnosis and guided meditation sessions. The results and findings of the past lives he discovers are very interesting, and really had me contemplating and thinking – I was very engrossed. With his new understanding, he brings divine light to the sheer possibility that we are living souls, which live eternally through a never ending series of physical lives.

Through his thorough analyzes, Richard Rowe has brought forth a very thought-provoking book, backed up by research and first-hand experiences of NDE’s, OBE’s and many past-life regression hypnosis reports. Through all of that, he encounters some answers, which he states are his own theories and findings, which could be one of many explanations for the existence and purpose of the human the soul.

In Imagining the Unimaginable, Richard Rowe writes with compassion, transparency and authenticity. In a conversational tone, he gives readers a glimpse of his own humanity and compassion. He, candidly, points out his own thoughts, ideas and existential questions.

An engaging, compelling and very interesting read, Imagining the Unimaginable is one of those “must-read” books that you tell all your family and friends to read. I have always been interested in this subject and I am so glad that I read Imagining the Unimaginable. It’s a fascinating and brilliant book. Despite the seemingly complexity of this book, It is very easy to read and understand, with wonderful well drawn illustrations and diagrams of the heavens choreographing and arranging the afterlife.

.I highly recommend Imagining the Unimaginable by Richard Rowe to all readers, and especially those who are seeking the answers to life, the human soul and their existence. Get yourself a copy, you will be left with a sense of awe and wonderment concerning your own life, human existence, what lies ahead, while being encouraged to live a life of love and compassion.

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