Vonny B and Me – Dewana Green – Book Review

by Dewana Green
Published by Courageous Me Genres: Adventure, Animal Fiction, Children's Books, Inspirational, Kids-Lit
Format: Hardcover

Alt="vonny b"Vonny B and Me by Dewana Green (Illustrator – Coren Paige)


Young readers are invited to go along as life with Vonny B and Me is described from the perspective of a child, a new Sheepadoodle puppy who is the newest member of a suburban family in Texas. The story is told from the perspective of the 7-year-old boy who writes to share with everyone, especially his friends how his dog does not obey his mom.  The boy finds it a little amusing that his dog doesn’t obey his mom and refers to his dog as a cool dude!; He even likes to call Vonny B his homie and treats him more like a friend than a pet, and Vonny B- loves it! Readers are taken on a very wild ride by a 7-year-old who thinks of his dog as his best friend. This is book one of a planned five part series. The boy learns responsibility, discipline, communication, and other skills as they work to assimilate Vonny B into the family.


Vonny B and Me by Dewana Green is an adorable, engaging and fun story about the special relationship, and tight bond, between a young boy and his dog. Narrated by the little boy himself, young readers will connect with this 7 year old boy and his Sheepadoodle, and learn the value of love, rules, communication, responsibility, relating to another and more. Von Bowser Bentley, Vonny B for short, became a unique member of his new family when he was just one year old. The kind, and good natured, boy in this story assumes much of the responsibility of caring for Vonny B. In the beginning they get to know each other, and they quickly journey towards becoming best friends. The boy calls Vonny B his homie, and the dog loves the boy very much and enjoys playing, walking, watching TV and sleeping with the boy. They go out on fun adventures and Vonny B plays hard in the backyard chasing butterflies and birds. Young readers will be taken on an experience of excitement, wonder and joy, as they read about the boy and his dog, Vonny B. The mother tells about the messy and difficult aspects of having the extra-large, half Old English Sheepdog and half Standard Poodle. Vonny B and Me shows how having a pet in the family can be a wonderful, loving and exciting experience.

This enriching book, for young children, teaches them the importance of responsibility, and what it looks like to be responsible for something – to be responsible and care for their pet and other things. Throughout the story we find the boy taking care of his dog and special friend, Vonny B. He takes the time to feed him, the proper way, and making sure his bowl is full. He takes his extraordinary dog, on three mile walks to get lots of exercise, and help him let go of some of his energy, which he always has plenty of. The dog is strong, big and vigorous. So, the boy takes him for wonderful adventurous walks, where Vonny B stops to smell the flowers.

The boy must learn to effectively manage Vonny B’s health and energy levels. Also, the boy makes sure that his special dog goes to the mobile groomer to get washed and clipped. Vonny B and Me shows kids how they can communicate well with their pet and others. Vonny B is the boy’s dog and he obeys him. Vonn B won’t obey the boy’s mother though, and the boy thinks that is funny. So, there is a close bond between the boy and his special dog.

Vonny B and Me by Dewana Green is written for young children to love and enjoy. The illustrations are beautiful and whimsical, catching the eye and bringing a sense of wonder, adventure and beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed Vonny B and Me by Dewana Green and Artisan Book Reviews highly recommend parents, grandparents and others to get the special child in your life a copy.

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