Torn: A Forensic Romance – Angela Applewhite – Book Review

by Angela Applewhite
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Format: Hardcover, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="torn"Torn: A Forensic Romance by Angela Applewhite


An unlikely meeting – an unbridled night of passion – torn apart by duty. 10 years later when fate reunites Nicholas Wade and gorgeous Forensic Investigator Savanna Jones, her life is complicated with a troubled marriage and a painful secret. He’s hardened by his military career and the tragic deaths of his fellow soldiers. Their desperate need to catch a killer on the loose throws them together. But Nicholas’s dogmatic approach sets Savanna’s nerves on edge. And her brilliant, but free-wheeling investigative style disregards his proper regulations.
Guilt nourishes the secrets that keep them apart. Can they trust each other long enough to catch a murderer?


Torn: A Forensic Romance by Angela Applewhite is a must read, captivating and engaging, romantic suspense story that completely caught my full attention from the very first chapter. Her exciting debut novel is a definite hit among numerous readers of this hot genre. Filled with the threat of danger and the promise of romance, Torn has all the essential elements of a great romantic suspense story, and a forensic crime drama. It is driven by the excitement and allure of romance, and the intrigue and terror of horrific crimes and evil.

A chance encounter, brought Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Wade and the lovely, Forensic Investigator, Savanna Jones together for one unforgettable night of passion and desire fulfilled. Just one memorable night together, then they are forced to go their separate ways.

Ten years later, the death of three soldiers and a succession of illegal drug crimes, reunites Nicholas and Savanna together, once again. The attraction between them is strong and mutual. As they begin to work to together, to solve cases that encompass everything from murder, rape, kidnapping and illegal drug manufacturing, they start to find that working with one another could be complicated and difficult. But, that doesn’t stop them from accomplishing their goal, or from falling deeply in love.

Torn: A Forensic Romance is a remarkable novel with well developed, realistic characters and a very suspenseful, mysterious narrative. The chemistry between Savanna and Nicholas is off the charts from the get go. Their love making is full of passion, steamy and intense.

Angela Applewhite gives her protagonist, Savanna Jones, the skilled forensic investigator, an air of confidence, strength and steadfastness, while also exuding an enticing feminine quality. Women readers will love her and be inspired by her abilities, personality and determination. Nicholas Wade is my hero. He is handsome, intelligent, smart, devoted and wise. He is kind, protective and heartfelt, always supporting Savanna. Every woman’s dream man.

Angela Applewhite’s graphic descriptive writing had me on the scene watching on as the story unfolded.  The mystery and suspense is nail-biting, holding the reader captive with twists and turns and action packed drama. This book is a definite page-turner, and one of the best romantic suspense books I have read in ages.

Angela Applewhite is an exemplary storyteller with likeable, unforgettable characters, a solid, well researched plot with plenty of clues to the brutal crimes, amazing unexpected surprises and a phenomenal, intriguing story-line that all ties together in the astonishing conclusion.
Torn: A Forensic Romance by Angela Applewhite is a 5 star, must read romantic suspense and Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends it to all lovers of this genre.

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  1. I love forensic investigation and romance books. This one sounds super good. I am going to get it. I am sure I will love it. I will be checking out this author further.

  2. I am buying this one. I love your site and check it out almost daily. I have bought so many books through this site. They have all been great.

  3. Excellent book review for what sounds like a great book. I will be getting this one. I love your site btw.